The change in name to Heidelberg University will come with many questions. We hope you will find answers to some of your questions here. If you have others, please contact us at aburkhol@heidelberg.edu. We will try respond to your request for information in a timely manner.

Q: What is the institution’s new, official name?
A: The Board of Trustees has decided that the institution will be called Heidelberg University, beginning in the fall of 2009. You will see changes on campus as we begin to phase in the new name in January 2009.

Q: What are the reasons for changing the name?
A: There are several reasons. The level of prestige and name recognition will be enhanced by the name Heidelberg University. Universities are more often highly regarded by employers, graduate schools and internationally. Research indicates that “university” creates a higher level of visibility and will enhance our ability to recruit and retain students, and attract new faculty.

Between 1990 and 2002, more than 120 colleges have recognized the advantages of changing from college to university. Many others have followed since then. As is the case with many of those who’ve completed this transition, the new name better reflects our mission and vision, our current programs and student interests.

Q: How has the name change process been conducted?
A: Trustees and senior administrators have been discussing the possibility for five years. Adopting a new vision statement in 2007, the trustees affirmed the intent to change to university. Since then, research has been completed both internally and by an outside communication consulting firm that specializes in higher education marketing. That research netted overwhelming support for a name change. A campus task force has been working to manage the various aspects of the transition.

Q: Does the name change signal a change in direction for the college?
A: No. Heidelberg mission remains the same. We will remain a tight-knit community of learners that promotes and nurtures intellectual, personal and professional development. Our recently revised strategic plan was developed around the “4 E’s” – Academic Excellence, the Student Experience, Resource Enhancement and Community Engagement. The “4 E’s” will continue to guide us through the name change and beyond.

One of the reasons for the name change is that “university” is a more accurate reflection of who we have become. We are constantly assessing our curriculum in response to student needs. One new graduate program will be offered in the fall. All of the business courses will be rolled into the new School of Business. These initiatives are representative of a university.

Q: Does changing the name mean Heidelberg will get a lot bigger?
A: There is a plan for measured growth in enrollment and programs. For the past several years, our strategic plan has as a goal enrolling 2,000 students – both traditional undergraduates and adult students – by 2010. With our record enrollment in the fall of 2009, we are on target to reach our goal.

Many people think of a university with thousands of students who are known only by a number. Personal attention has always been a hallmark of a Heidelberg education, and will remain as important as ever.

Q: Will the new name impact the school colors, mascot or logo?
A: Heidelberg’s school colors -- red, orange and black – are not changing, and our mascot will remain the Student Prince of Heidelberg. We have developed a more contemporary image for the mascot and we are in the process of creating a more contemporary appearance for the logo.

Q: What should I put on my resume?
A: That is up to you. You might consider something like Heidelberg University (formerly Heidelberg College).

Q: What about diplomas? I am a graduate of Heidelberg College. Can I get a new diploma that says Heidelberg University?
A: Diplomas issued for graduates through 2009 will bear the name Heidelberg College. After that, diplomas will read Heidelberg University. For alumni who request new diplomas, Heidelberg will make that option available. We will inform you shortly about the process for new diplomas and transcripts.

Q: Will Heidelberg lose its liberal arts focus?
A: Certainly not. At Heidelberg’s core will remain a strong liberal arts experience that integrates professional preparation across all disciplines, and teaches students to be global citizens who communicate effectively, think critically and serve thoughtfully.

Q: Will it cost more to attend Heidelberg University?
A: We have worked hard to keep tuition increases to a minimum, and we are committed to continue to do so. Our name change is not a factor in tuition rates.

Q: How will the name change affect prospective students and their families?
A: Heidelberg will continue to recruit and enroll quality students. We believe the name change will allow us to delve further into new markets, including adult learners and international students. We are committed to our goal to enroll a more diverse student body, which will, in turn, prepare our students to live in a more global world. Future students and their families can still expect to receive a quality education at an affordable price at Heidelberg University.