Degree to be earned: 
Major Academic Plan: 

Why Biology

Because the world needs doctors, dentists and veterinarians. Because molecular biologists, biochemists and geneticists are changing the world. Because ecologists and environmental biologists care for the world. Because botany, zoology and cell biology … are the world.

Because bio-research is fun. Biologists are opening windows of understanding on all aspects of the living world. From cancer research to animal behavior, they are living the adventures of exploration and discovery.
Student standing next to tree
Because biologists lead a great life. Salaries are in the range of good to excellent, and the work is stimulating and important. At the end of the day, you feel good about who you are and what you’ve contributed to the world.

Major Courses

40 semester hours of which 28 must include:

The remainder of hours may be in the Biology and Environmental Science department.

Allied Courses

All biology majors must take a year of Chemistry, Physics, and Math:

  • General Chemistry I (111) and II (112)
  • General Physics I (101) and II (102)
  • Two courses of Mathematics or one Math and BIO 205 - Biostatistics.

Capstone Requirement

Majors are asked to take one of the following courses, a principal component of which is a semester-long research project: