Student Organizations

Business Honorary

Tau Pi Phi, a national business honorary, recognizes and encourages high academic achievement in business administration, accounting and economics. The honorary is open to those who have completed 20 hours in the School of Business and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The charter for Heidelberg’s chapter of Tau Pi Phi was granted in 1972.


Bringing together the top business leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.

Berg-Enactus is a class and organization that strives to bring together multiple fields of expertise and study focusing on free enterprise and entrepreneurship. Students of any class (freshman, sophomore, junior, & senior) can participate in the program. Berg-Enactus allows these students to experience a competitive environment through a showcase in the spring while also allowing students to develop meaningful projects and relationships with local businesses.

Dean’s Student Advisory Board

DSAB is a student organization that impacts the School of Business by participating in executing events, representing the student body, and enhancing the experience of business students. The board is exclusive in membership, requiring a recommendation from faculty to apply. These students are able to connect to motivated peers, develop vital leadership skills, and learn how to operate effectively in a team environment.

Berg-CFA Financial Competition

The Berg-CFA Investment Challenge Team is a group of students who have a strong interest in and knowledge of finance and accounting. The team competes against elite peers from other schools, often from MBA programs. Through a thorough and rigorous research paper and presentation, the team aims to establish a recommendation of buy, sell, or hold on a real company's stock. Finally, the students are questioned and evaluated by a panel of CFA endorsed analysts. The CFA team represents a culmination of the knowledge students gain from both the business school and the liberal arts programs that surround it.

Berg Business Board

The Berg Business Board is a group of business professionals that help students network with possible mentors and employers; these same members also take an active role in events, participating in the Research Symposium, the Internship and Placement Fair, and countless other activities.

Research Symposium

Through our research symposium, students have the opportunity to present their own original research, conducted with the help of a faculty mentor. The mentor helps each student complete a research project of high academic quality that is comparable to the standards set by academic journals within their field of study. The process takes place over the course of a semester and culminates in a presentation made to students, faculty, and Berg Business Board members.

Seven Steps to Success

This event series helps students develop professional skills. Students attend sessions that address creating a cover letter and resume, techniques of networking, and even simulations of interviews with human resource professionals. The sessions prepare students for the finale of the series, the Internship and Placement Fair.