MBA Tuition Discount Program

Heidelberg University offers a tuition discount program for employees of organizations registered under IRS code 501(c)(3). 501(c)(3) organizations are non-profit organizations typically operated for charitable purposes.

Many students enrolled in MBA programs take advantage of employer sponsored tuition reimbursement programs.  Many of our local, charitable organizations can not afford this type of benefit for their employees.  However, the skills developed in the Heidelberg University MBA program will help administrators in charitable organizations just as well as it helps managers in for-profit organizations.  The discount tuition program is designed to help non-profit organizations attract and retain talented individuals.  Further, the discount is a reward for those individuals who decide to provide their professional services to non-profit organizations. 

The program will start with the January 2013 cohort. At the beginning of each term, students are required to verify their employment status.  If during the course of the MBA program a student ends employment with a qualifying organization, the remainder of their course work will be charged at the regular rate of tuition.

Contact Allen Underwood, Director of Graduate Studies in Business at or via telephone at 419-893-1986.

Download PDF with information on MBA Tution Discount Program.