Why study Economics?

Economics is one of the most useful and versatile disciplines. Its purpose is to promote society’s welfare through better use of human and natural resources. Studying economics requires a unique combination of knowledge and skills from math, statistics, history, philosophy, law and political science. Economists use their skills to provide answers to problems faced by business and government.

The Economics Major at Heidelberg

The foundation of the Economics major is a professional core focused on micro and macroeconomics as well as a capstone experience that allows students to complete a detailed investigation of a significant economic issue. This core is supplemented by a student’s selection of applied courses in such areas as law and economics, urban and regional economics, economic development, international economics, labor economics and environmental and natural resource economics.

Students are encouraged to gain a strong background in mathematics and computer applications and to familiarize themselves with fundamental business courses. The Economics program offers excellent preparation for graduate school, law school or entry-level positions in government and business.