Students holding awardsHeidelberg University's Speech Team competes in National Forensics Association individual events. The team travels to major tournaments throughout Ohio and the Midwest. and the Pi Kappa Delta (speech honorary) national tournament located at various schools across the country.

Any Heidelberg student can participate regardless of major or previous experience. Through the years, Heidelberg has built on a tradition of excellence to become a respected competitor on the State and National level.

Student Success

  • National Champion in Persuasive speaking - Gabby Mintz - 2011
  • Team won 26 trophies won in 2010-11
  • Team State Champions at State Novice and State Varsity - 2012
  • Novice State Champion in Impromptu speaking - Tunde Adedipe
  • Novice State Champion in Programmed Oral Interpretation - Hannah Long-Higgins
  • Team won 22 trophies won in 2011-12
"The speech team is the most worthwhile thing I've done so far at Heidelberg."            Hannah Long-Higgins '14

Public Speaking Events

  • Persuasion: An original persuasive speech delivered without note which was not used previous to the current academic year. 
  • After-Dinner Speaking: An after-dinner speech is a creative original speech given without notes for the purpose of evoking amusement and/or laughter on the part of the audience. It is not a humorous monologue, but rather a speech aimed at a specific purpose that attempts to achieve that purpose through a light touch. 
  • Informative Speaking: A factual speech whose primary purpose is to inform the audience about a specific subject. No topic limitation within the area of what would be appropriate for public audiences. 
  • Communication Analysis: Contestants will present analysis which applies to student's knowledge of rhetorical communication principles to a communication event or artifact, such as, a speech, speaker, movement, campaign, or printed communication matter.
"The skills you learn go beyond the realm of speaking. You learn how to conduct yourself in a professional environment."                   Gabby Mintz '13

Limited Preparation Events

  • Impromptu Speaking: Contestants will receive short excerpts or questions of topics of general interest and have 7 minutes to divide between preparation and speaking. The speech should be at least 3 minutes long. 
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Contestants will draw 30 minutes before they speak. They will select one from the topics drawn. Speeches will be seven minutes in length. Students may not consult with others though they may consult whatever materials are available. 

Oral Interpretation Events

  • Oral Interpretation of Prose: A selection or selections of prose material of literary merit, which may be drawn from more than one source. 
  • Oral Interpretation of Poetry: A selection or selections of poetry of literary merit, which may be drawn from more than one source. 
  • Dramatic DUO Interpretation: A cutting (scene) from a play, humorous or serious, involving the portrayal of two characters presented by two individuals. This is not an acting event thus, no costumes, props, lighting, etc. 
  • Programmed Oral Interpretation: A program of thematically-linked selections of literary merit, chosen from two or three recognized genres of competitive interpretation (prose/poetry/drama). Use of manuscript is required.