Integrated Media

Degree to be earned: 

male with cameraThe Media Management major is an interdisciplinary program based on coursework in Communication, Media, Accounting, Economics, Management, and Marketing. Required core coursework is complemented by a student-designed concentration in a specific area of interest. The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the artistic, institutional, and commercial implications of media and to prepare them for careers associated with the business side of media and advanced study in media management.

Major Courses

Business Core:

Communication and Media Core:

  • COM 104 - Small Group Communication
  • COM 350 - Persuasion
  • MED 156 - Mass Media in Society
  • MED 356 - History and Criticism of Electronic Media
  • MED 375 - Mass Communication Law

Media Management Core:

Self-Designed Concentration:
A Media Management major must propose a 9-sem. hr. concentration in his/her area of interest within media. This self-designed option must include at least 3 sem. hrs. of Internship, Practicum, or Independent Study and be built from existing courses. All concentrations must be approved by the Media Management Coordinating Committee prior to the student enrolling in MMG 357 and MMG 411.