Education Summit

Education Summit

The Summit is designed to empower pre-service and in-service teachers with an opportunity to be engaged with leading educators in order to improve their own practices.

The Education Summit’s purpose is to ask pre service and in service teachers to consider their own autonomy within the profession and their classroom teaching practices.

It is critical for pre service teachers to recognize that they can shape their own teaching practices within the over tested and regulated teaching profession. The Education Summit aims to sow the seeds for reflective thinking, leading to action, within their own teaching.

Mission Statement - To engage pre service and in-service teachers, with leading and distinguished educators, in the major issues, trends and teaching practices within the profession.

Upcoming Speaker


For the past four and a half years, Ramona served as principal of Corbin Middle School. Prior to that, she was assistant principal for the school for five years, worked at the school in student services for two years, and taught there for 15 years. During her tenure, the school changed from a junior high school to a true middle school, where the focus is to try to make for a well-rounded child. The Corbin Middle School was able to reach the number one spot in the state for two years in a row, being designated as a high-performing school.

Because of her extensive experience as an educator and administrator, Davis has received several local, state and national recognitions and awards. These include the Presidential Award for Science Teacher, the Christa McAuliffe Fellowship, and Kentucky Science Teacher of the Year. She holds a Superintendent Certification from Eastern Kentucky University, a Principal Certification from Union College, a 6th Year Diploma in Science from Union College, and a Master’s Degree in Science Education from Union College.

Past Speakers

2015 - Ramona Davis - Creating a Culture of Learning for Students

2014 - Rafe Esquith - Voices from the Classroom: What good teachers do to enhance student learning.

2013 - Dr. George Wood - Assessment: Teaching to the Test or Teaching for Learning.