Licensure Options

The Department of Education offers teacher preparation programs that lead to licensure in the State of Ohio. While elements of teacher licensure vary from state to state, there is sufficient similarity so that the programs offered at Heidelberg will satisfy requirements in many other states.

Early Childhood Education: Pre-K - Grade 3

This hands-on, classroom-focused program prepares candidates to work in and/or supervise a preschool program along with teaching all subjects in grades K-3 in private or public schools. Candidates will graduate with Reading Teacher on their license.

“Dr. Haley encourages us to use other educational models for our classrooms. He uses alternative teaching methods in our classes and it’s easy to see how they are effective.”          Alex Wilhelm '15

Middle Childhood Education: Grades 4 - 9

This program focuses on children in the middle grades, specifically grades 4-9. Candidates major in Education with concentrations in two of the academic subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies). We offer all six possible combinations of concentration areas. We also offer the opportunity to obtain the Middle Childhood Generalist license. Candidates will graduate with Reading Teacher on their license.

Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Education: Grades 7 - 12

This content-based program prepares candidates to teach in a specific discipline in grades 7-12. We offer licensure in Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Math, Integrated Social Studies and Integrated Science plus six other single or dual science licenses. Candidates generally major in the academic subject area with Education as a second major.

Students in classIntervention Specialist (Special Education): K-12 Mild/Moderate

This program must be taken as a dual major with one of the above licenses. The program prepares candidates for teaching students with a variety of mild to moderate special needs.

Multi-Age Education: Pre-K - Grade 12

This licensure covers students in grades K-12. We offer coursework that leads to licensure in Health Education and Physical Education; candidates can be licensed in either field or a dual program. We also offer a Music teaching license that covers all areas of music, although vocal and instrumental music concentrations are available.