Application and Additional Information

Admission and Registration Deadlines

Please note that registrations will close after the registration and payment deadlines listed below. Students will have to contact the Registrar's Office for a late add form to be approved by the director after these deadlines. This process could take a few days so please register and pay by these deadlines to be able to start classes on time.

Spring 2016 Semester (Term 1 and Full Semester):

  • Apply and submit admission documents by January 4.
  • Register and pay for all Spring courses by January 11.*
  • Classes start January 19.

Spring 2016 Semester (Term 2):

  • Apply and submit admission documents by February 29.
  • Register and pay for term 2 courses by March 7.
  • Classes start March 14.

Summer 2016 Semester:

  • Apply and submit admissions documents by April 25
  • Register and pay for courses by May 2.
  • Classes start May 9 and end July 1.

Fall 2016 Semester (Term 1 and Full Semester):

  • Apply and submit admission documents by July 15.
  • Register and pay for all Fall courses by August 8.*
  • Classes start TBD.

* It is preferred to register and pay for all semester courses by this deadline. However, if you MUST wait to pay for term 2 courses, please also wait to register for the course as well by the term 2 deadline.

Enrollment Options

  • Enroll in the endorsement courses without completing the Master's degree as a graduate coursework only (non-degree) student
  • Applicants already holding a Master’s degree may complete the sequence as a graduate coursework only (non-degree) student
  • Students already accepted into the MAE program can enroll in these courses as electives


Student Type Endorsement Tuition Per Credit Hour Tuition Per Course
Coursework Only (non-degree) Students K-12 Reading $360 $1080
TESOL $360 $1080
4/5 Early Child Generalist $490 $1470
Degree-Seeking Students Pursuing the MAE All Endorsement Programs $490 $1470

Financial Aid

Coursework only (non-degree) students are not eligible for financial aid and must pay for the total semester tuition by cash, check, or credit card prior to each semester. However, they may apply for a private alternative loan. Financial aid loans are only available to students enrolling in the Master of Arts degree (degree-seeking) with the endorsement classes as electives and registered for at least 5 semester hours.

Making Payments

Heidelberg accepts credit card (Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or Visa) with a 2.75% service fee or ACH payment (e-check). Students needing a billing statement with itemized receipt may contact the Business Office. Instructions explained within the Coursework Only Student Orientation.

Refund Policy

Heidelberg maintains a tuition refund policy for degree and non-degree students in the 4/5 Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement upon withdrawal from a course or courses. A 100% tuition refund will only be granted if the course was withdrawn PRIOR to the first day of classes. Students enrolled in the K-12 Reading or TESOL Endorsements DO NOT receive a refund once they have registered and paid for their courses and classes have begun.

To Apply

Currently enrolled MAE students may register for these classes via OASISPlease note: The on-line Reading and TESOL endorsement programs are approved for Ohio residents only, though courses can be taken as regular course-work only students. Questions may be directed to Graduate Admissions at 419-448-2602

  1. Submit a graduate online application. Abbreviated instructions for this application are below. If you have any problems with the application, please contact the admissions office at the information above.
    1. New first time applicants will need to create a log in and will receive an email with your password for this application. Previous Heidelberg students, inquiries, or applicants may already have a username and will need to click on "Forgot Username and Password" to retrieve the information. You will then need to enter only one of the requested fields, either your username if you know it OR your email address (not both), to retrieve your username and password via email.
    2. On the first page, select that you are applying as a "Graduate Student."
    3. When you reach the "Type of Graduate Student" section, you will need to select that you are applying as "Non-degree/Coursework Only."
    4. Select the program/major choice of "Graduate Coursework Only."
    5. The primary track/concentration selection should be the endorsement you are planning to pursue. Either "K-12 Reading Endorsement" or "TESOL Endorsement."
    6. The secondary track/concentration can be left blank or you can select "Courses for Credit."
  2. Request to have an official Bachelor's or Master's transcript sent directly from the university to Graduate Admissions, 310 E. Market St., Tiffin, OH 44883, if not already on file. 
    Please note that graduates of Heidelberg may already have transcripts on file. Official transcripts must come directly from the institution; they will not be accepted from the student. Applicants for the reading endorsement may need to submit all transcripts that show reading or literacy courses to determine eligibility, with at least one Bachelor's or Master's transcript being official. Any transfer courses must also be accompanied by an official transcript.
  3. Mail or fax (419-448-2565) a copy of your teaching license.
  4. Once all of the above documents have been submitted and admission is approved, students will be notified to complete the Graduate Coursework Only (GCO) student online orientation which will explain important information including how to register and pay for classes via OASIS.
  5. Applicants approved to register for the K-12 Reading and TESOL endorsements will be notified via UThink© how to access the online course portal after they have registered and paid, about one day prior to the start of courses.

Request official transcripts with Heidelberg courses.

Questions or Information

Graduate Admissions
Phone: 419-448-2602
Fax: 419-448-2565