Policies and Procedures

The Graduate Catalog

Specific program policies, procedures and information can be found in the Graduate Catalog. The catalog is mailed to all students once accepted and is also available online at www.heidelberg.edu/academiclife/grad/catalog. Current and past catalogs are posted on the website for reference. Students must follow the program requirements found in the catalog of the year they started the program throughout their entire time enrolled at Heidelberg. Should a student decide to switch to a more current catalog, a catalog change form must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office. This form, titled "Change of Program or Concentration", can be obtained from the Graduate Studies Office, Registrar’s Office or printed off the website at www.heidelberg.edu/academiclife/grad/mae/maeforms. This form is also used for accepted students who wish to switch to a different program or concentration/track.
All students must also adhere to University policies set by the Dean of Students found online at www.heidelberg.edu/studentlife/policies.
Some of the most important policies and procedures you need to be aware of will be abbreviated in this orientation, but be sure to review the Graduate Catalog for the most specific and thorough information. In any discrepancies found on the website, the Graduate Catalog is always considered to be updated and correct.

Academic Standing

To remain in good academic standing, graduate students must:
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GAP of 3.0 during every term or semester
  • Not have received any grades of F
  • Not have received more than one unattended grade of C (unattended meaning not retaken)
A student who fails to comply with any conditions of good academic standing at any point in the graduate program can be either put on probation, suspended from the program, or dismissed. When a student is suspended or dismissed from the program, he or she can appeal the action to the Academic Policies Committee. When a student is put on probation, he or she cannot appeal the action.
Students WILL be dismissed from the program for the following reasons:
  • The student has received two unattended C’s.
  • The student received a grade of F.
  • The student did not meet the conditions for remaining in the program.
When the student is dismissed from the program, the program director will communicate this decision to the student and copies will be forwarded to the Provost, the Registrar, and the student’s file. The student has the right to appeal his or her dismissal to the Academic Policies Committee.


Students may drop individual courses online. However, if a student wishes to drop their LAST course and withdraw for the semester he/she must complete a signed Graduate Registration Form. The form is located on OASIS or can be obtained from the Graduate Studies Office or online. Completed Graduate Registration Forms should be returned to the Registrar's Office for the change in registration to be official. There is a financial penalty for withdrawal from a class after the beginning of classes. A student who ceases to attend classes but does not officially withdraw will receive a grade of “F” at the end of the semester. A grade of “W” is recorded for each course dropped before the last day to drop courses. Grade of “W” is not calculated into the GPA. A grade of “WF” is recorded for each course dropped after the last day to drop courses. Grade of “WF” is calculated into the GPA and grounds for dismissal from the program.
Students who decide to skip a semester or take some time off from enrolling in classes, will be inactivated after the first semester of inactivity. They will then have to submit a readmission application to be permitted to re-register for classes. This allows us to keep current records and information on those actually enrolled at Heidelberg and to update changes in contact information. 

Time Limitations

Students have a maximum of 6 calendar years from the date of the first course taken toward their graduate degree to complete the MAE program. A student whose coursework falls beyond the above time limit, may petition the program director for a special circumstances extension. 

Full Time Status

Students are considered enrolled fulltime with 9 semester hours of coursework (roughly three classes) in any given semester during the academic year. A student may take up to 12 semester hours of coursework during one semester.  Students taking less than 9 semester hours are considered part time students, but it is not an official declaration. As explained later in the Financial Aid section, students can still obtain financial aid assistance while enrolled in at least 5 semester hours of coursework. 

Transfer Credits

Heidelberg University will accept up to 9 hours of graduate transfer credit to the MAE program. Several factors should be noted concerning transfer credit: 
  • All transfer credit must have been completed within 6 calendar years of the first Heidelberg class taken. Once accepted, these classes will be counted toward graduation. A student whose coursework falls beyond the above time limit may petition the program director for a special circumstances extension.
  • The grades(s) received in the course(s) to be transferred must be a “B” or better. 
  • Transfer credit will be evaluated and approved by the program director. 
  • Transfer credit does not affect the cumulative grade point average established with Heidelberg University.


Heidelberg University awards degrees three times per year, on December 22, in May, and on August 25. There is one commencement ceremony in May. Completion deadlines for work are August 25, December 22 and the Wednesday prior to commencement in May. To qualify for a given timeline, all coursework including assignments and exams must be completed by these deadlines either at Heidelberg University, or with special permission at another institution. Work taken off-campus must arrive as a official transcript sent directly from the institution by September 15, January 15 and May 30 respectively. All graduate students who have taken a course within the last year will be contacted regarding graduation intent in early fall by the Office of the Registrar. It is the responsibility of each student to return his/her graduation application by the deadline indicated. Areas of concern will be communicated via the student’s Heidelberg email account. If a Masters student is within 12 graduate semester hours of fulfilling all requirements for graduation (has registered for such credits during the Summer Semester and been audited by the Registrar) by the Friday of the week prior to the May Commencement, then he/she may participate in Commencement as a summer graduate. This 12 semester hour limit includes any grades of PR or incompletes. For August and December graduates, diplomas will be sent within two weeks of degree conferred. Students may only participate in one Commencement. All financial obligations to the University must have been met.
Again, be sure to review COMPLETE information on these policies and procedures, among others.


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