David Kimmel

David Kimmel
Professor of English
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Pfleiderer 206

Q: How long have you been teaching at Heidelberg? What do you enjoy about teaching or being here that’s kept you here?
I came in the fall of 1997. I like this department and the chance to work closely with great students over the years.

Q: Describe your “approach” to teaching in one word.

Q: F. Scott Fizgerald or Ernest Hemingway?
Hemingway because he had more influence on following generations, but I really like [Fitzgerald’s] The Great Gatsby.

Q: You seem to be the most “tech savvy” professor in the department. What’s the website you’re currently working on?
It’s a site about the American literary renaissance of the mid-1800s in New England. It focuses on the authors’ lives, texts, and the places where they lived and wrote, but with an emphasis on the places.

Q: Any advice for students—current or future?
You have to do more than just go to class. The English major has intrinsic value, but you need to have practical experience as well. You need to get involved. Also, if you can, travel abroad because it will never be easier or cheaper than while in college.

- Interview by Matt Echelberry '12

  • Has three book-length projects in the works, one a novel that blends the genres of high-school satire and fantasy
  • Member of the Chancel Choir, Trinity United Church of Christ
  • Board of Directors, Seneca Habitat for Humanity
  • Board of Directors, Seneca Metropolitan Housing Authority