Jobs for English Majors

Many people think, "Teaching," when asked what English majors are prepared to do after graduation. But English majors find jobs in a wide range of fields. Some fields, such as freelance writing and journalism, seem obvious choices for English majors, while others, such as activism or counseling, may surprise you. Most of these fields require specialized training, above and beyond the English major, and several require graduate degrees. In all cases, however, the degree in English serves as a vital component of one's job preparation.


students in classBusiness

English plays a huge role in the business world. Presentations, memos, letters, and reports are produced on a daily basis. Businesses are looking for people who can write, communicate effectively, and have good people skills. To complement their English classes, students should considering business, communication, and computer science courses.

Business at Heidelberg


Counselors need to have good verbal and problem-solving skills. There are different careers students can follow including professional counseling, psychotherapy, and social work. All have varying degrees of licensing requirments. Students should consider adding psychology and communication courses to their schedule.

Couseling at Heidelberg


Teaching requires patience, creativity, and above all a desire to help others. By double majoring in English and Educaiton, Heidelberg students are more flexible and receive a better background on what they will be teaching. You'll work with a faculty advisor to set up student teaching opportunities and work on licensing requirements. 

Education at Heidelberg

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Determiniation and self-discipline are needed for freelancers. You still have deadlines, even without a boss or office to remind you. A Heidelberg education will help you develop writing skills for different types of publications and genres. Take a wide vareity of classes and get involved with Heidelberg's newspaper, literary journal, and T.V. station. 

Freelancing at Heidelberg


Want to see your writing in print, on the web, or on T.V.? Journalist can work in a variety of fields including newspapers, broadcasting, and magazine reporting. Journalism is for students who are inquisitive, aren't afraid of deadlines, and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Heidelberg will give you confidence and experience that will not only excel in a career, but make your employers notice. 

Journalism at Heidelberg


Preparing for law requires classes that span several departments. English, communication, political science, philosophy, history, and criminal justice all have courses beneficial to future lawyers. You'll learn about persuasion, argumentation, speaking skills, criticial thinking, logic, and much more. 

Law at Heidelberg

University Hall

Library Science

There are several types of libraries including university, school, public, and special. They all need librarians to run them. While library science isn't a field most people start their careers thinking about, it requires a master's degree and is more challenging than most people believe. You need to be proficient in different media and be knowledgeable about a variety of topics. You are in charge of organizing, cataloging, and running the program. 

Library Science at Heidelberg


At a non-profit organization, you can expect to wear many hats. Communication, critical thinking, technical writing, and the ability to think on your feet are all skills  that will help you stand out. 

Non-Profits at Heidelberg

Public Relations

Public relations majors will learn to speak and write well. It's your job to manage the of the corporation, instituion, or individual that you work for. Skills in marketing, advertising, event planning, and public speaking are also important. You be writing reports, proposals, emails, advertistments, web content, and more. 

Publich Relations at Heidelberg

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There are many careers in the publishing industry from editors to proofreaders and designers and illustrators. If you're interested in magazine publishing you're looking at jobs in advertising, circulation, and production. To get into this field, you need to love to read. Whether you are reading manuscripts, articles, letters or reviews, you'll be reading a lot. You'll want to take a wide vareity of classes to make yourself knowledgeable about more topics. 

Publishing at Heidelberg


Researchers, or fact checkers, play a huge role in the writing industry. News stations, magazines, journals, book publishers all employ researchers to fact check the information they publish. 

Researching at Heidelberg

Technical Writing

Techinical writers take complicated specialized information and translate it into copy that the general public can understand. Whether you are a copy writer or a copy editor, you're job in the technical writing field will reach a wide audience. 

Technical Writing at Heidelberg