Job Resources on the Web

By Aaron Stewart '09

General Job Information “Career, job and educational resources for most every city in the United States, Candian Province and many countries” This site offers you information on jobs for any career, as well as a list of U.S. universities and colleges, advice, articles and more. If you ever need information or help in your career choice, this is a very good site to use. Post your résumé online and find the job you want. You’ve seen the commercials—this is an excellent way to get yourself noticed by thousands of employers at once. Provides information for finding work in the non-profit sector, including jobs lists, a job-opening email registry, search tips, fellowship information, and much more. Set up a profile and get yourself noticed. This is a great way to make connections.

Job Listings “The one tool you need to help market your work, get it published, and get paid.” The website from a popular reference book series, this shows you all the freelance magazines in the country where you can submit your work. It is updated every year to provide you with the largest list of choices you can find. Includes jobs wanted and jobs available, plus general job-search information. Also, for a small price, you can submit your short stories to the site for consideration by the many publishers and editors that frequent the site looking for new material. It also provides ways for you to post your résumé or a pitch (query letter). – job listings for poets and writers. It also features queries from editors and publishers looking for writers that operate in specialized fields, such as anthropology, technical, electronic, non-fiction, &c. If you’re looking for jobs, the jobs are also looking for you. Links to classified listings in writing, broadcasting and journalism. The site offers advice ranging from writing good cover letters to networking with editors and publishers to good interview skills. If you want a lot of information from a simple, organized site, this is for you. offers job ads in technical writing. There are also several online technical writing courses available. Learn how to become a brilliant technical writer, post your résumé, and wait for a job.

Professional Organizations Association of Writers and Writing Programs—find careers, enter contests and purchase how-to books. With the purchase of a membership, you are given a wealth of information to help further your career in writing. American Library Association— provides information and networking opportunities for people interested in careers in libraries. This site offers training and education resources and career information to help those who are interested. American Society of Journalists & Authors— “helps professional freelance writers advance their writing careers.” Get self-help books from the organization, as well as personal listings for freelance writers to help further you in networking with those who know best. American Society of Magazine Editors— The professional organization for editors of print and online magazines. Includes information about a summer internship program. They conduct research on advertising and consumer marketing, as well as offer educational resources, all in the effort to help you further in your career of magazine publishing. National Association of Broadcasters— find resources and events in the broadcasting field. Like the other organization sites, they offer plenty of news regarding broadcasting, as well as educational information to help you in your career. Society for Technical Communication— learning and professional-networking in the field of technical communication. Whether you are a technical writer, illustrator or designer, this site will give you all the information you need to be successful in your career.

Freelance Writing Information A great site for beginning writers. This is a social networking site that provides you with the opportunity of submitting your work for others to review. If you want feedback on your writing without the pang of rejection, this is an excellent alternative.

Graduate School Information US News site on the best graduate schools in the country. A section of the US News site in general, it has all the information split up based on your specialties so, whichever field you want to specialize in, you’ll find the graduate school that suits you best.