What English teaches you

College buildingCan English Majors Find Jobs After Graduation?

Yes! English majors have found careers in many professions--technical writing, publishing, journalism, public relations--and they work in interesting places like public service organizations, financial institutions, libraries, museums, and schools. Heidelberg English majors have also gone on to complete advanced degrees in English, business, counseling, education and other areas.

Our economy is increasingly centered on information production and dissemination. What this means to a student looking for a college major is that the future belongs to those who can process and communicate all that information, and processing and communicating information is what English majors do.

Career Mobility and Portable Skills

The days of working one job your whole life are long gone. Workers today can look forward to changing jobs and employers often. The fast pace of change in technology, alone, creates new opportunities while it erases old occupations. In such a work environment, focusing on a narrow range of technical or vocational skills may prove less effective in the long run than acquring skills that will serve employers well in many fields and in many occupations. English majors learn skills that will enable them to move easily between jobs and careers.

Reading Critically

While learning to read, analyze and write about a work of literature might seem at first glance unrelated to most careers, the ability to read a text carefully and critically is vital for success in those same careers. English majors learn to read with discerning eyes, the better to understand and interpret legal documents, scientific reports, business letters and other texts they will encounter in their professional lives.

students in classThinking Analytically

Along with critical reading skills come analytical thinking skills. English majors learn to look at a piece of writing (or a situation) and break it down into its component parts. They also learn to structure their thinking in a systematic, effective manner.

Writing Clearly

English majors write a great deal, and perhaps nothing better prepares them for success in the workplace or in graduate school. Employees and graduate students who can write well quickly distinguish themselves among their peers; employers equate good writing skills with good thinking skills and with education level, overall. English majors walk into their careers confident they can handle any writing situation.