The Day's Refrain

By: Corey Caudill

FOR CASE # 4152




A damn journal. I just traded a diamond ring for a journal. What a shitty Christmas. This has got to be the stupidest thing that Mary has ever gotten me. I feel like a high school girl, writing about my secret crush. I still mad about it, even though Christmas was over a week ago. But what could I expect? She probably picked this up at the grocery store checkout line. She doesn't respect me anymore. Why should I blame her? She has a great job, and makes even better money. She's leaving me behind, and I would too. I don't know why I bought her that ring. Maybe I was just trying to cling to her. Oh well, no sense dwelling on it. It's just a matter of time before she leaves me anyway.

I have to go to work tomorrow. God that place just sucks the life out of me. It's those lights. At least in the summer we can open the doors, and go outside for break. Get away from those lights. Dave will be there with his little notebook, writing down the names of people who go to break a minute early and come back a minute late. We only get ten minutes. Give us a break. God, he's such a prick. But I guess that's why Chuck loves him; he'd rat out his own mother if it made him look good. I know that he'll come over and ask how the Sakamura is running, even though he has no idea how to run it himself. I hope that Steve is there tomorrow, at least he's not a complete moron. Shit, look at myself, writing in this thing like it understood what I was writing. I gotta be losing it.



Man, what a day. Dave came out of the office with something up his ass early. He rode me all day. "When's set up going to be done?" "How many parts have you ran this past hour?" "Why aren't you doing it this way?" I just wish that he would have left me alone. Set up will be done when I get it done, I've ran enough to meet quota, and I don't do it that way because that's the wrong way to do it. But of course you can't say that kind of thing at Parker. You don't give the right or wrong answer, you give the Parker answer. How did I ever end up working there? Where did I go wrong? I tried in college, but I just couldn't do it. Was I just too stupid to handle it? Maybe I was. Maybe I still am. All I know is that it's too late to go back. I couldn't afford to stop work. What's more, what if I failed again? Mary would just tell me that she knew I would fail all along, and that she just went along with it to amuse me. Then I would have to grovel for my job.

I noticed today that Dave was really nice to me. He told me what a great job I was doing recently. He's only told me that I was doing well one other time, right when I started. That was ten years ago. It put me in such a good mood that Mary's sarcasm couldn't even phase me tonight. The Sakamura has been running good lately, maybe the increase in production has gotten some notice. It's about time. This has been the first time in a while that I haven't had a major breakdown in at least a week. I hope that rumor of Rufus retiring is true. If he does it soon, I'd almost be guaranteed that job. Man, it would be so sweet to move to the National instead of working on that piece of shit Sakamura. And I get a raise. I know that I'll get it. Mark is my only competition, but he's so lazy that they probably won't even consider him. Hell, he comes in drunk sometimes. I just hope that it comes soon.


What the hell is wrong with the women of this world? Are they all as vicious as Mary? I find that hard to believe. I walk in the door, and there she is with her "partner", Sara Worthington the THIRD. Don't forget "the THIRD", she'll get pissed. As soon I walk on the door, their conversation just stops. They just stare at me for a while, and then Mary tells me to go change my clothes, I smell like oil. As soon as I get into the laundry room I can here them whispering about something. I try to pretend that I can't hear what they are saying, but it doesn't work. They keep talking about my job, and how I'll never get anywhere in life. I just threw my clothes in the washer and went and took a shower. I got out of the shower and they were STILL talking about me. After I got out of the bathroom, I went in the living room to watch the Louisville game on TV. Again, as soon as I enter, all conversation stops. Oh how great it feels to be me. Finally I ask them what the hell they want. Sara asked me how work went today and I told her it was fine. Then out of no where, Mary asks me to tell Sara how much I make an hour. Being fairly proud of my $18.25 an hour, I told them. They start rolling. Apparently it was the funniest thing she'd heard all week. I couldn't believe that she was laughing at me. I look over to Mary for some sort of support, only to see her laughing as well. What bitches. I couldn't take it so I just slammed the remote on the floor and walked out. I walked around the town for hours. I went to the park for a while. Grabbed some ice cream and sat on the benches watching the little children play with there fathers. I started to wish that I had kids of my own. But of course Mary said that she didn't want kids, she wanted to concentrate on her cases and making senior partner at her law firm. Besides, she had told me that the feeling would pass. Once I got to be her age, things would be different. Well now I'm twenty-nine, and I don't think that I feel the way that she said I would. I want kids. I want to be a father. Maybe then I would have someone who loved me, instead of laughing at me for not having a great job. When I got home, I just went into the spare bedroom and locked myself in. I've been in here writing since I came back. I'm going to wait until she goes to sleep before I sneak into our room. At least that way I won't have to see that condescending look on her face.


It started again as soon as I got up in the morning. Why did you act like that yesterday? What was wrong with you? You embarrassed me in front of Sara. Blah, blah, blah. On and on it went, until I just got up and went to work a half-hour early. We got a new secretary up in the office today. She's fresh out of OSU, looking for a little job to occupy her time until the school year starts back up in the fall. She's such a gorgeous little girl. Long brown hair about to the small of her back. About 5'11'', not too short and not too tall. She's fairly skinny, 125 maybe? Dave brought her over and introduced her to Mark and I right at the start of the day. Her name is Shreen. She smiled at me with a seductive look in her eye. At least I thought that it was seductive. It made me feel good to know that I am still somewhat attractive to women. But who knows, she might have smiled the same way at Mark. I saw her a couple of times throughout the course of the day. She would smile and wave, I'd do the same thing back. Towards the end of the day I started thinking about Mary. Mary used to be somewhat attractive. Short, dyed blonde hair. Decent body, nothing to write home about. She's kind of pudgy, but she is getting a little older. But she has that smile. Every once and a while I get to see it. I saw it a lot when we were dating, it's become less and less frequent as the years have passed. I started thinking that maybe I should try to make amends for the way things have been recently. I should just stop being mad, and be good to her tonight. I stopped on the way home and picked up some flowers and some candy. She was sitting at the kitchen table when I came in. I got down on one knee and told her that I was sorry for my actions and I hoped that we could make up. She showed me that smile of hers and gave me a hug. I told her that I would make dinner for us, and she said that would be wonderful. I made some type of chicken. I pulled the recipe off the "Essence of Emeril" website. After dinner we snuggled up on the couch together and watched a movie. It was some Partrick Swayze eighties movie about dancing. I guess that's what I get for letting her pick out the movie. After the movie, she led me into the bedroom. We started fooling around, and the only thing that I could think about was how much I loved Mary. Yeah, I'd thought about Shreen a lot over the course of the day, but I really love Mary. I knew that we would work things out. Maybe I could try talking to her about having kids. She loves me and she would understand how much that this meant to me. Mary understands me and appreciates me for who I am. I could never leave her, not after all that we have been through. I wondered out after she fell asleep. I stood over her and thought about how I was too harsh on her sometimes. I'm going to try and lighten up from now on.


I can't believe it. I wish that I could just blow up that whole damn place! I can't believe how ridiculous the management is sometimes. Why in the hell did I have to move over to the Kaufmans? I'm the best employee in the header department, and they move me to the Kaufmans? I have no clue how to run those machines. Rick basically has to train me about the whole thing. Why didn't they move Mark? I thought that I was doing a better job? Wasn't I the one getting the compliments? He hasn't been getting so much as a smile lately, and they have the audacity to move me? It's a good thing that Mary was still in a good mood today. I couldn't have handled it if she would have been testy with me tonight. I hope that she stays in this mood for a while. It's nice to come home and not have to have our fake conversations. We really talked today. We haven't done that in months. I told her that I was getting complimented a lot at work, and that they are really starting to see how well I have been doing. I didn't tell her about my possible promotion though. I know that if I told her, and then didn't get it, she would just tell me that I should have worked harder, kissed a little bit more ass. I couldn't stand to hear her berate me for not getting it. Mary had an early meeting, so she went to bed early. I stayed up and sat out on the porch for a little bit. I watched the Boomershine house across the street. He is some big shot corporate official for Pepsi. He's rolling in money. His wife is some major player at the Henny Penny Corp. They both drive one of those top-of-the-line SUV's, some foreign brand that I have never heard of. Why do they deserve all of this success? I work hard, I try to be a good person, I go to church on Sundays, but I get nothing like that. Hell, Boomershine cheats on his wife all of the time. He's bragged to me about it before. "One in every city", he once told me. The funny part is, he thinks that he's getting away with it. She knows about it, I'm sure. And even if she doesn't, she's cheating on him. When he's gone, her boyfriend comes up in some little red Italian sports car, and he stays for a while, then leaves. Sometimes he stays the night, but not often. They don't go to church either. They don't give to any charities, they don't even participate in the community yard sale. But yet they have this great, comfortable life while I break my back every day in a dead-end job for some miserable salary that barely pays the bills. Well, at least things can't get worse. And I have the weekend to look forward to.


Mary had her meeting this morning. She woke me up and kissed me good bye. I laid in bed for a while, but finally decided to get up and make myself some breakfast. After breakfast I watched this news special on older couples deciding to bear children. It stated that older couples are better at rearing children than younger couples. Older couples are more secure and less likely to cause any kind of trauma to the child. Ii made me decide that I am going to try and talk to Mary about having kids. We've been getting along lately, and what better time to do it. I figured that I should bring it up while we are getting along. At least then we would at least go back to the norm. I just need to think of when to do it. Maybe I could do it after church tomorrow. We could take a ride out to the park, and I could ask her there. I'll just tell here that I have this urge to be a father. She'll understand. Maybe if she doesn't want to have kids, we could adopt one. Maybe that way we wouldn't have to deal with the entire hassle childbirth, and we could skip straight into the adolescent stage. Maybe then she would consider it. I don't know, I'll have to think about it some more. I sat around and thought about it a little bit more, and then decided to take a little walk. I bundled up and just started walking. I didn't really have too much of a plan when I left, so I just went wherever I felt compelled to go. I went down by the old high school, just for kicks. I looked at all of the old, broken windows, the vandalized classrooms, and all of the graffiti. I allowed myself to drift off into the past, and a flood of memories came back to me. All of a sudden I was a Senior again. Running around with Daniel, Eric and Jessica. Those were the best days of my life. No worries about bills, responsibility, or work. Just school and then freedom. Riding around pulling stupid high schools pranks. Not worrying about what would happen if we got caught. Suddenly I snapped back into reality. I don't know how long I had been standing there, but it must have been a while. The sun was starting to set. That meant Mary would be getting home soon. I rushed back home, and whipped up a quick dinner for the two of us. She asked me what I did while she was at work, and I almost told her the truth, but I just couldn't do it. Those were my memories, and it just seemed that she didn't have a right to be involved in them. I just told her that I lied around the house watching TV. She was none the wiser, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her.


Boy did God have fun with me today. Just as Mary and I sit down at church, I looked over and say that new receptionist from work, Shreen. She was just sitting there all by herself. I turned my head, but just as I was doing so, she turned and caught me looking at her. She stands up and makes her way over to us. I introduce her to Mary and I was thinking that Shreen would just go back to her seat, but of course she didn't. She decided to sit right next to me. I knew right way that Mary didn't approve, but what was I going to tell her, "Sorry, you can't sit here because my wife doesn't like it."? She would keep whispering in my ear during the service, and that just fueled Mary's anger. As soon as the service was over, Mary snatched my hand and told Shreen that we had a very important and urgent meeting that demanded our attendance. As soon as we hit the car she started in. "Who the hell was that?" No one dear. "She didn't look like no one." I told you she's the new secretary at work. "So do you want to have sex with her?" No dear, why would you get that idea? "I know that you want to sleep with her, just admit it." I'm not going to admit it because it's not true. And on and on it went. I'd forgotten all about taking her to the park for our talk. I'll just have to push it back a little, that's all. I've waited this long, a little longer couldn't kill me. As soon as we got home, she went and locked herself in the bedroom. I tried for awhile to get her out, but gave up after two hours. What a fickle broad. I can't believe that she would get mad about me talking to a co-worker. Oh well, she'll get over it. On the plus side, I think Shreen has a little thing for me. I've said it before and I'll say it again; it's good to know that you are still attractive to women. Besides, it's just a young girl. I wouldn't do anything with her. I'm married for Christ's sake. I'd never even thought of that until Mary brought it up.


Nothing much happened today. Went to work, came home. That was about it. Mary is still a little testy about yesterday, but she is in a better mood. She spoke to me at least. That's something. Just to make sure nothing would happen, I tried to avoid Shreen today at the shop. It worked, didn't see her once today.

b back. I couldn't handle that. Maybe things could get better at work. I heard that Rufus is getting ready to retire. Maybe I could move up into his spot. I'm the next in line as far as seniority goes. I'll just have to wait things out and see what happens.


I got told today that I might get to move back over to the Sakamura. I sure as hell hope so. Rick has been trying to teach me how to run those damn machines for two days now, and I still barley know how to turn the bastards on. At break today, Mark came over to me and told me that he hears Rufus is retiring. I acted surprised, I didn't want him to know that I had heard the same thing. He told me that he's going to have to start looking busy whenever Dave comes around. I told him that would be a good idea, and then he left. I was in the best mood for the rest of the day. Hopefully in the near future I would be getting a raise and moving over to the National. I can't wait to surprise Mary with the news. It should be any day now. Rufus turned sixty-five this past November. I bet he's going to take his vacation, then retire after that. He should only have four weeks of vacation, and considering that I've worked here for ten years, what's four months? I could do four months standing on my head. On a different note, I avoided Shreen again today. She kept hanging around my toolbox waiting for me but I always saw her before she saw me. Then I'd just go hide over in the receiving bay. I figure that I'll avoid her for a couple more days, maybe the rest of the week. Maybe by then Mary will be calmer, and I won't be thinking about Shreen in a way that I shouldn't.


Well, Mary finally apologized to me for Sunday. It sure took long enough. She would have expected me to apologize the next day. Hell, that very same night. But of course I'm not as big of an asshole as she makes me out to be. I told her that it was OK, I wasn't upset with her. It was just a little white lie. Won't hurt. Of course those lies are piling up. I've lied to her about going to the old high school, about wanting to have kids, about thinking of Shreen, and now about this. Sooner or later, these are going to bite me in the ass. I just know it. I guess I'll just have to try and not get caught, and try not to tell anymore lies. It makes me feel bad that I've lied to Mary, but I sort of have to. Don't I? She wouldn't understand. It's too complicated for her to understand. I'm going to tell her about the kid thing anyway, so that's not really a lie. It's more like a delay of the truth. Yeah, that's it. A delay.


I didn't run into Shreen at all today at work. She wasn't even around for me to avoid. I kept looking out for her, but she never popped her head through the office doors. I mentioned this to Rick. Rick is a good guy, and I feel fairly safe confiding in him. One of the few employees that I get along with. It's mostly because he's not an idiot, and he's always been nice to me since I've started at the shop. He's about forty-five, and he's worked here since he was eighteen. All in all a good man. He told me why I hadn't seen her all day. He told me that Shreen is kind of seeing Dave!!! Dave, the worst example of a human being that I could possibly imagine. I knew that girl was a slut. She's just looking for a promotion and figures that sleeping with Chuck's lap dog is the best way to get there. I hope she gets it. Anyone willing to go that far deserves something for the horrible trauma they will have to go through. Mary was right about her. I should have listened. I guess that I owe her an apology, but I probably won't give her one. Then she would gloat over how she knew she was right about Shreen. I wouldn't let her have the satisfaction. I'll just keep this little bit of information to my self. I don't consider this a lie. It's more like a secret. Secrets aren't bad. Everyone has some type of secret. Look at the Boomershines' secrets. They are a lot worse than this one.


Thank God this week is over. I don't know if I could have spent another day in that shop. I swear, there is something strange about those lights. I know that they are killing me. I bet that it's killing me slowly, like cigarettes. It might take a while, but they'll get me in the end. I'll just crumple into an empty shell on the floor, and Dave will find me when he comes over to criticize me for coming back five seconds late from break. They'll cart me off to an ambulance to find out the cause of death. I know that some how Parker would find a way to cover it up. They cover up everything else. That time that Jack got his hand caught in that press, and they said it was his fault, even though there was a maintenance order stating that the machine was broke and not to be used. They covered that up real well. What about the time that the summer help kid got chemical burns all over his legs from cleaning out the quench tank. That quench tank is a confined space, and no one is supposed to be in there at all, let alone a summer help kid. Of course, Parker took care of that one too. What a bunch of greedy bastards. Anything to make sure that they won't have to pay money. It's sickening.


Stayed inside today. There was a big snowstorm last night and pretty much everything is snowed in. I hope that it melts a little by Monday, I don't want to take a vacation day. The only way I don't have to go to work is if it's a level three snow warning. I think that has happened once out of the past ten years. Maybe Boomershine would let me borrow one of his fancy SUV's. Yeah, and I might win the lottery tonight too. I need a new truck. Mine is about to fall apart. I know what would happen if I talked to Mary about it. She'd start telling me that she doesn't have enough money to pay for new truck payments. I'd tell her that I could pay for it, and then she would laugh and say, "With the money you make?" Then she'd start laughing, and I'd get pissed. It's happened too many times for me not to know how it would go. Oh well, I could always have Rick pick me up if it's too bad. He'd do it. He always tells me to call him if I need a ride. Maybe I'll finally take him up on the offer. I wish I were single like Rick. No nagging wife at home. He can go to the bars every weekend and get a different girl. He can spend his money the way that he wants to. It must be glorious. If I had the balls, my life could be like that. I could have what he has. Who am I kidding. I could never do that shit. I wouldn't know how. It's been too long since I've had that kind of life. It hasn't been that way since my last semester at college. I'd do anything to get those days back, especially if I knew I had this to look forward to. I'd go to class more. I wouldn't stay up until four all of the time. Hell, I wouldn't even play video games as much. Screw it, hind-sight is always twenty twenty.


Why the fuck do I even try? There is no point to this life.


What a bitch. I knew that Mary couldn't be a decent human being for more than a week. I just wanted the chance to be a father. Is that too much of a request? Why did she have to yell at me like that? We could have at least talked about it. I didn't think that she would react like that. If I'd have known, I'm sure that I wouldn't have even brought it up. I didn't go to work today, couldn't handle it. I just slept until Mary got home, then when I heard her come in I got up and left. She tried to start one of those fake conversations with me, but I wouldn't let her. I just walked straight out the door. I'm through with her shit. I refuse to take it any more. I drove down to the Red Mule and had a few beers. I hadn't been there for more than an hour when it happened. I couldn't help but notice when Shreen and Dave walked in, and of course they come and sit next to me. Wonderful. Dave starts by questioning me about why I wasn't at work today. I just wanted to grab him by the throat and strangle him so he couldn't speak. I told him not to worry about it, it wasn't his business why I wasn't there. I know that I shouldn't have said it. I knew the moment it left my mouth that I shouldn't have said it. But I did. He told me that I better watch what I said to him, because he could make my life a living hell. I don't know what it was, but I snapped. I hit him hard on the jaw and he went down. He just picked himself off the floor and gave me a dirty look and him and Shreen went and grabbed a booth. I tried to find something to say, but nothing came to mind. Considering the fact that this place was as bad as my home now, I paid my tab, and a little extra for the disturbance, and walked out. Before I left though, I cast one last glance over at Shreen. It was just enough to catch the smirk on her face before the door closed. I just went to the park again. I hung around there until night came, then I came back here. Mary was already sleeping when I got here. Thank God, I don't want to look at her face. I've never been this upset with her. I don't know what I'd do if we started arguing now. My father always told me not to hit women, and I don't think I would, but this is the closest I've ever come. I'm going to sleep on the couch tonight. I don't even want to be in the same room with her.



Surprisingly enough, I didn't even think about Mary today. I thought about Shreen. For some reason, I had a dream about her last night. It was the same situation that I had with Mary on Sunday. The only difference was that Shreen agreed with what I was saying. She wanted to have kids too. Maybe that the answer to my problems. Shreen didn't care what I did for a living. We were both happy, and that was what mattered. I think that life would be better. Any life could be better. I stood in the main isle at work today trying to catch Shreen. She never came by. Not once in eight hours. Come to think of it, I didn't see Dave all day either. That's pretty amazing considering what went down at the Mule yesterday. I'd of thought that he'd of been over making me do some busy work for our little confrontation yesterday. Oh well, as long as he leaves me alone, I don't care. He's a bastard, and the less that I see him the better my day is. I tried to ignore Mary when I got home. She tried that conversation again. "How was your day?" Bitch, I know that you don't care, so why the hell do you ask? I really felt angry towards her. I don't think that I have ever felt that angry towards her. She does deserve it though. Always thinking about her, never giving a moments thought as to what others feel. I bet that Shreen cares. I bet that Shreen listens to what others have to say instead of just ignoring them. I don't know what a girl like that is doing with Dave. He can't appreciate her like I could. I know it.


Shreen and I talked today. She told me about how her and Dave are getting ready to go on a mini-vacation over the weekend. They are leaving tomorrow. Apparently he's going to take her to California. Fucking show off. He's just going to use her for a quick lay. He just wants to get inside her pants. Look at him, he's the type of guy that would pay for sex. Hell, essentially, that's what he's doing by taking her to California. She told me that she isn't sure if they are going to be a couple for much longer. She isn't sure if she loves him or not! This is my chance to finally be happy. After ten years with that horrible woman, I'm going to get something good in my life. I can't wait. Shreen will come back from California and realize how much she really loves me. I'll get a divorce from Mary, and then we can begin our new life together. Then I can forget all about Mary and my life with her. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I tell her I want a divorce. It'll be the happiest day that I've had in years.


Shreen and Dave should be In California by now. I hope he's having a good time, because it'll be the last time that he is ever with her. When she gets back it's her and me. He'll be out of the picture forever, and then we can concentrate on our new lives together. I've been ignoring Mary. I figured I should get used to it, considering I'm going to ask her for a divorce. She keeps trying those conversations, but I won't take the bait. Let her wonder why I'm being so moody. It serves her right for the way that she treats me. She'll know how I always feel.



What a great day! Rufus is gone! Chuck came out and told me that they would announce the new position on Monday. He didn't even go over and talk to Mark. This must mean that I have the job. I can't wait to tell Shreen when she gets back. Wow, my life is finally looking up. I can't believe it. Monday my life is going to be completely different. I'll have a new wife and a new job! Mary keeps knocking on the door. She wants to know what I'm doing in here. She probably thinks I'm looking up porn on the Internet. That's fine with me. Let her think what she wants, I don't care anymore. I'm through with her. I'll take the day off Tuesday and move out before she gets home. That'll show her. I'll leave her a letter, just like they used to do in the old movies. I bet she'll get a kick out of that. Stupid slut.


Shreen called me from California. She just wanted to say hi. She told me that she was having fun, but she was ready to come home. How sweet is that? She's all ready to come home and see me. I've was in such a good mood because of the call, I even talked to Mary a little bit. I used my fake conversation dialog, but I don't care. She doesn't deserve the real me. She sucked me dry and took me for granted. I should feel some regret for leaving her like this, but I feel surprisingly numb to the whole thing. She always said that I was a burden to her anyway, and now she'll be rid of me. She'll probably be happy. Good for her. I hope she dies a lonely old spinster.


Didn't go to church today. I faked a stomachache to get out of it. Mary probably didn't want me to go anyway. It doesn't really matter anymore, does it? No, I guess that it doesn't. Anyway, while Mary was at church, I packed up a few little things to take over to Shreen's house after work. When she got back, I jumped back into bed before Mary got in the front door. I told her that I was going to sleep a little more. She left me alone, and went into the living room. I laid around in the bed until Mary came in and fell asleep. Then I slipped out. I can't wait to see Shreen tomorrow. I'm sure that she'll want me to spend the night. After a weekend with Dave, who could blame her? She'll be in need of a good man after that piece of shit. I'll treat her to a nice dinner. That will make her happy. Either way, I'm out of here tomorrow. I can't wait to put this life behind me. Sure, I've had some memorable moments here, but those have been few and far between. Goodbye old life, and hello new life.














FOR CASE # 4152

Dr. Feasel
80 Rebecca St.
Tiffin OH, 44883

Dr. Feasel,

I don't think that we have ever heard of a case of obsession quite this severe. This man will need to be studied for years to come. He really believed the idea that the receptionist girl loved him. He STILL thinks that she loves him. Too bad she's dead. He asks to see her everyday. It's so pathetic. He seems to be stuck in this fantasy world of his, and I don't see any chance for a fast recovery, if there is ever going to be one. And the things that he did to those people! How messed up do you have to be to do something like that? I've never heard of anything like that in my life. I figured stuff like that only happened in cheap horror movies. I recommend that he be committed to the state mental hospital for further evaluation. I can't do any more for him.


Dr. A. Combs



Not found in cell

FOR CASE # 4152


This work is dedicated to Adina and my Dad.
Without these two people, I wouldn't
Be half the person I am today.

Adina-You know why!

Dad-Because he has worked for years in a horrible factory to provide for me.

I would also like to thank Mr. Brent Feasel for his creative guidance concerning the story.