Alumni Profiles

Michelle Fitch alumMichelle Fitch '11

Michelle is currently finishing up her last year of graduate school at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in archival studies. While studying at ETSU, she also works in the Archives of Appalachia as a graduate assistant. Her decision to attend Heidelberg and major in history has helped her post graduation.  

"The program I am enrolled in is an interdisciplinary program with a concentration in archives. My liberal arts education from Heidelberg has allowed me to better connect cross disciplinary concepts and identify dichotomies in my studies. Also, writing in history provided me with the skills to better adapt to graduate level writing. I appreciate the history I preserve at the Archives of Appalachia and understand my role in creating societal memory."

Kathryn Martin '12

Kathryn is currently studying at T.C. Williams School of Law in Richmond, Virginia and is planning on specializing and practicing in Intellectual Property Law or Medical Malpractice Defense. The training she received as a history major was incredibly helpful during the law school application process. Reading comprehension is a big portion of the LSAT, and that is a cornerstone of the History Department. The professors at Heidelberg also offer constructive criticism on writing skills, which helps with the personal statement required for admission to many law schools.

"My experience in the Heidelberg History Department helped me prepare for law school in ways that many of my peers in law school were not afforded. I was taught how to extract thesis statements from scholarly books and give examples of support for the thesis throughout the books, which is no different than extracting the holdings and reasoning of a judicial body from an opinion of the court. I learned to be very concise and direct with my writing, which has helped me immensely with writing memos and case briefs. The Socratic Method employed by the professors of the history department is the same method employed by law school professors in their teaching. It greatly benefits me that I learned to come to class prepared to answer questions and defend my opinions."

Russell Cammann '05

Russell is originally from Olmsted Falls, Ohio, and attended Heidelberg from 2001-2005. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in History, and has been an educator ever since. Upon graduation, Russell was fully employed as a 2nd grade teacher for Hendry County Schools in Florida. After teaching in Florida for three years, Russell moved to Lexington, South Carolina. He is currently teaching 5th grade Math and Science at Pelion Elementary School in award-winning Lexington County School District One. This year marks his 9th consecutive year teaching elementary education.

In 2010, Russell obtained a Masters of Education degree through Columbia College in Columbia, SC. This year, he was accepted into the University of South Carolina’s M. Ed. program for Educational Leadership and Policies. Russell aspires to be a future leader in education.

The History department’s emphasis on research and writing helped Russell to obtain advanced degrees. The faculty members Russell encountered in the department enabled him to begin building professional relationships, a skill that he still uses today.