Career Opportunities

“It’s a misconception that history majors don’t have career options. I chose to major in history because I loved  it, and my education here has given me a broad understanding of so many things that I could go anywhere."    Jillian Rine '14

History majors have the ability to enter many different career fields. Learning how to write well, communicate effectively, and analyze complex subjects are skills employers want. Learning history isn't just about the past, it's about how the past created the world of today, and understanding the world today will benefit your career forever. 

Historians work as Educators

  • Elementary schools, secondary schools, postsecondary, education, historic sites and museums

Historians work as Researchersstudent in class

  • Museum and Historical organizations, cultural resources, management and historic preservation, think tanks, genealogy, government researcher/analysis

Historians work as Communicators

  • Writers, editors, journalists, documentary editors, producers of multimedia material, historians as information managers, archivists, librarians, information managers.

Historians work as Advocates

  • Lawyers and paralegals, litigation support, legislative staff, work, government workers, foundations

Historians work in Businesses and Associations

  • Historians in corporations, contract historians, historians in nonprofit associations

Historians work as Grad Students

  • Graduate programs in history, museum studies, library science and law

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