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Major Academic Plan: 
German 16-17

girl jumping in GermanyMany Americans have cultural ties to the German-speaking peoples of Central Europe, and recent history calls for a deeper understanding of the unique cultural and political significance of these countries. Significant commercial ties and cooperation in research, especially with the Federal Republic of Germany, but also with Switzerland and Austria, underscore the usefulness of German as a vocational asset. Students majoring in German reap these rewards; and they gain access to the wealth of German civilization.

Major Courses

30 hours in German beyond the introductory level (101-102) including:

  • GER 290 - Preparation for Study Abroad
  • GER 489 - German Portfolio
  • GER 490 - German Capstone
  • Two German literature courses taken in Heidelberg, Germany
  • Two semesters at the American Junior Year at Heidelberg
  • One elective allied course

Placement Test: Students with previous training in German who wish to continue the language at Heidelberg University should take the German Placement test. The results of the test and consideration of the students’ previous German training will form the basis for placement at the appropriate level.

Credit by Examination: Students who have completed three or more years of German in high school may apply for credit by examination for courses beyond GER 101, 102. Students must make arrangements with the department faculty, complete the appropriate form in the Registrar’s Office and pay the prescribed fee at the Business Office. The results of the test should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office within the first four weeks of the semester in which the student is taking the next higher level German course. Therefore, the application procedure should be completed as early as possible