Alumni Profiles

Jamie Hudson with studentsJaimie Hudson '12

Before she graduated from Heidelberg, Jaimie already found a job teaching Spanish at Perkins High School in Sandusky, Ohio. She is currently teaching Spanish II as well as an 8th grade Spanish class.

"Heidelberg helped prepare me for this job by most importantly, making me study abroad! I can’t imagine being able to better my Spanish without being immersed in the language itself - not to mention I learned so many things about the Mexican culture. This knowledge not only helps me teach the language more efficiently, but also gives me the opportunity to talk about a culture that many of my students haven’t experienced themselves. It ended up being one of the most rewarding and important experiences of my life."

"I believe my employer saw that I had received an education that would help me teach in a relevant and exciting new way. Schools are looking for teachers that know the current and most effective ways of teaching, and I think that the Heidelberg Education program & Dr. Lepeley definitely make sure their students know those ways of teaching!"

katharine wardKatharine Ward ‘11

Katharine is currently working in Puebla, Mexico with Athletes in Action, a Christian sports' ministry. She works with athletes at college campuses, helping them to understand how to have a relationship with God and encouraging them in their spiritual growth (in Spanish).

“One of my favorite experiences during my time at Heidelberg was spending a semester in Cuernavaca, Mexico studying Spanish and experiencing Mexican culture-- I loved it so much I couldn't wait to come back! That opportunity, combined with the spiritual growth I experienced through Heidelberg's Campus Fellowship helped to prepare me for my job and life here in Mexico. I'd have to say Heidelberg offers a unique chance to develop multiple interests and passions in-depth, something that you don't get at just any school!”



Joy BuurmaJoy Buurma ‘00

Joy has been teaching Spanish at Willard High School for the last thirteen years.

“I love teaching, and I feel one of reasons I love it so much is how well Heidelberg prepared me for the teaching profession.”

The Spanish department is extremely thorough, relevant and accomodating. Professor Lepely does everything possible to help students be successful and achieve their goals. She makes class interesting and has a huge repetoire of games to keep class fun and engaging.”

“Heidelberg’s education department taught me so much in classroom management and educational philosophy. They also insured I was proficient in technology and the Ohio Department of Education’s latest mandates. They arranged for me to observe many of the best Spanish teachers in the area. I could tell Heidelberg really cared that they did their best to make me the best teacher I could possibly be.”

“I am very grateful to Heidelberg for the care and integrity they have towards their students. They helped me to find a job I love!”