Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Arts in Education degree program is two-fold: to develop master teachers who (1) understand the theory, research, and practice that support and sustain on-going teacher development and school improvement and (2) value educational research and reflective practice as a component to effective teaching and life-long learning.

The program is designed to develop experienced elementary and secondary school teachers who are recognized as master teachers because of their advanced knowledge and skills and their deep commitment to responsible professionalism.

Program Goals

The goals of the program are as follows. Master teachers:

  1. develop a thorough understanding of curriculum theory and best instructional practice;
  2. possess rich and multi-faceted knowledge of the subject matter, the students they teach, and how students learn;
  3. understand the dynamic nature of schooling and how to interact professionally and ethically with all constituents;
  4. understand how to develop and carry out research projects which directly affect student learning;
  5. use a variety of research-based methods and developmentally appropriate materials and activities to insure that all students learn;
  6. use multiple research tools to analyze, evaluate, and change teaching practice to ensure student learning;
  7. reflect on their practice and assume responsibility for their professional growth, performance, and involvement as an individual and as a collaborative member of the learning community.