School of Music and Theatre

boy playing trumpetWhether you want to teach, perform, create, or inspire, Heidelberg is the place for music. We've been teaching music for 125 years and know what you need for a successful and fulfilling career.

Ensemble Advantages

  • Students from any major can perform in major ensembles starting their freshman year.
  • No ensemble scheduling conflicts so you can participate in multiple experiences.
  • Regional, national, and international touring and travel opportunities.

Cost Advantages

  • Free private lessons
  • One of Ohio’s lowest priced accredited music programs.
  • High 4-year graduation rates save you money.
  • Competitive music scholarships.

Academic Advantages

  • All students are advised and mentored by a faculty musician.
  • All students are given recital performance opportunities.
  • With our BA/BS options you can be a double major.
  • Our faculty have national and international experience in performing, conducting, composing, and teaching music.

National Association of Schools of Music

  • Heidelberg University is an accredited member in good standing with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). All music degree programs, both graduate and undergraduate, are approved for study.
  • NASM is an association of approximately 653 schools of music, primarily at the collegiate level, but also including postsecondary non-degree-granting schools of music. It is the national accrediting agency for music and music-related disciplines.

music student


If you a future music or theater major and are applying to the School of Music and Theater to begin studies in the 2016-17 school year, we need to hear from you! You must be accepted to Heidelberg first by applying to the university. From there, there are required auditions and scholarship opportunities in both music and theater. It is best to complete the audition process by March 1 if at all possible, for the best consideration of your application. For more information, please consult our audition page on the website:



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