Political Science

Major Academic Plan: 
Political Science 16-17

Students at Model UNPolitical scientists describe and analyze governing processes in local communities, nation states and world forums. Students of politics and government use historical investigation, statistical reasoning, anthropological findings, philosophical inquiry and behavioral studies to better understand the forces that shape the political life of human communities. Through the study of political science, students considering employment in law, public service, international service, public administration, business and industry, teaching and journalism discover ideas and insights that both enrich their personal lives and strengthen their competencies for their chosen careers.

Mission statement

We embrace the Heidelberg mission statement: to encourage and support a life of purpose with distinction. We are a community of learning, where faculty and students work together to strengthen our individual abilities and deepen our knowledge of the world. We believe that together we can share in the creation of a better future.

Learning objectives for Political Science majors

  • Develop problem solving skills, i.e., rational thought and methods of discovery and use of evidence.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the processes of governance.
  • Write effectively and speak with force and skill.
  • Develop the ability to work effectively as members of groups and with peoples of different cultures, perspectives and values.
  • Consider carefully and responsibly the goals and possibilities of community.
  • Honor the value of careful and honest research.
  • Consider – in the widest possible context – the future well-being of our world and its peoples.

 Major Courses

27 semester hours

  • POL 125 - Introduction to Politics and Government
  • POL 344 - Research Methods
  • POL 409 - Capstone in Political Science