Why Study Political Science?

By studying political science, you develop an understanding of the activities and ideas that shape the future. You learn about the background of present events and how decisions are made that affect the well-being of people and societies. You explore the nature and uses of power and the breadth and probable outcomes of citizen and government actions.

Model UN- Jordan

The Political Science Major at Heidelberg

Political Science at Heidelberg is an interdisciplinary program where you are encouraged to use the knowledge and skills of history, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology and mathematics to explore public life in local communities, nation-states and world forums. We emphasize a “hands-on” approach to learning: internships, visits with public officials, simulated legislative sessions and guided research.

We are a long-standing member institution of the Washington Semester program and encourage our students to consider an experiential semester in Washington as well as study abroad opportunities. Our students regularly present their own research at local and national conferences. As interns, our students have worked as election campaign staffers, assistants to prosecutors and defense attorneys and environmental and human rights activists. Our classes regularly participate in simulations, such as Model United Nations, Model African Union and Model European Union.

“The professors want to challenge you and expect you to challenge them right back. As you learn about other people and places, you realize how small your world actually is." Julia Lachowski '16