Off-Campus Opportunities

Simulations (Model United Nations, Model African Union, Model European Union)

Model UNPolitical Science students have the opportunity to participate in simulations such as the Model United Nations Conference of the Far West (in San Francisco), the National Model African Union (in Washington, D.C.) or the Midwest Model European Union (in Indianapolis). These models complement classroom instruction; they take students off campus and allow them to apply concepts and information. These simulations mimic and provide insight into the workings of important international organizations. They also allow students to visit major American cities. Participation in these opportunities leads to improved research skills, speaking abilities and organizational skills; it also provides Heidelberg students the opportunity to interact with students from other institutions, other countries and other cultures. Such experiences also familiarize students with parliamentary procedure and diplomatic protocol.

Washington Semester

The Washington Semester, administered by The American University in Washington, enables students to obtain valuable work and study experiences within governmental or private agencies or institutions in the nation’s capital. Each Washington Semester student enrolls in special seminars and engages in individual research and career-oriented work experiences. Qualified students may attend the program for a semester, receiving full credit from Heidelberg, usually in their junior year.

Students can choose from among the following seminars: American History, American Politics, Foreign Policy, International Business and Trade, International Environment and Development, International Law and Organizations, Journalism, Justice, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Public Law, Theatre Studies and Transforming Communities. Many of these programs involve overseas study. Situated on its own college campus in a residential neighborhood in Northwestern D.C., with more than 500 students from all over the world, the Washington Semester is a true international community and experience.

Study Abroad

Students at the ColosseumBy studying abroad students broaden their intellectual horizons, experience new cultures, and meet people with different backgrounds, attitudes and views. You will encounter how political science may be taught in another culture, often reflecting intellectual traditions different from those in the United States. By studying abroad, you add a special kind of experience to your undergraduate years that adds value to your diploma and provides important, abilities (such as language and intercultural skills) that appeal to many employers.