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Psychology is a science that focuses on all aspects of human behavior and mental processes. The primary goals of the field are to describe, explain and predict human behavior. Students aware of the general principles of psychology may better understand their friends, their family, their coworkers, society at large and themselves.

If you frequently ask questions about human behavior, then consider pursuing a career in psychology. The field of psychology is dedicated to understanding human thought and behavior from a range of perspectives, including developmental, biological, clinical, cognitive and social.

The psychology department allows you to explore developmental, biological, cognitive and social contributions to human activity, both normal and abnormal. The curriculum also allows you to become familiar with how psychologists assess and treat human psychopathologies.

Professional Experiences

The Junior Experience
Students choose between an internship, study abroad, or an individual research project.

Explorations in Psychology
Sophomores explore careers and graduate options in the field, learn how to write a great psych paper, and complete a hands-on service project with the local community.

Research Design and Date Analysis
This two semester sequence teaches students about research design and data analysis which are essential to the field of psychology. Students conduct their own research project from start to finish, including a public presentation for the campus community. By leading a project from idea to implementation to follow-up, students gain valuable career experience.