Honors and Awards

student reading newspaperHonors in Psychology

Commensurate with the Department's goal of providing opportunities for in-depth psychological study, students have the opportunity to earn the graduation citation “Honors in Psychology.” To earn this distinction, students must satisfactorily complete an independent honors thesis and satisfactorily pass a departmentally instituted comprehensive exam. 

Psychology Awards

The Department of Psychology annually recognizes Outstanding Freshman and Graduating Psychology Majors.

Outstanding Freshman Psychology Major

  • 2012 - Meredith Higgins
  • 2011 - Katelyn Hough
  • 2010 - Holli Burns and Adam Armstrong
  • 2009 - Emily Mack

Outstanding Graduating Psychology Major

  • 2012 - Emily Mack and Caitlyn Hicks
  • 2011 - Kimberly Patterson, Kandra Roberts
  • 2010 - Allison Petrarca
  • 2009 - Jason Cross and Megan Morris