Religion & Philosophy

Pfleiderer HallReligion at Heidelberg

As technology has made the world a smaller place, the world’s religions have come in closer contact. Since most people in the world are religious, to understand them means to understand their religious views.

The study of religion also allows for a greater understanding of one’s own religious traditions, as well as the opportunity to satisfy one’s intellectual curiosity. In short, religion is interesting – more so than many people realize.

Religion courses are designed to help all students gain a mature understanding of religion and appreciate the importance of values, meaning and faith as integral parts of human life. Courses in Religion also provide undergraduate preparation for students who plan to continue their study in a theological seminary or graduate school.

philosophy class

Philosophy at Heidelberg

Philosophy enhances critical thinking, stimulates ethical awareness and provides opportunity for the analysis and discussion of important and difficult issues and problems. The skills associated with the study of philosophy are highly valued in all career fields. 

Sub-Fields of Philosophy

Aesthetics - the nature of beauty, definition of art
Metaphysics - the nature of reality, what sort of things exist
Epistemology - theories of knowledge, the foundations and limits of knowledge
Ethics - defining concepts of right action, obligation, justice
Logic - principles of reasoning