Distinctive Programs

Helping students find their purpose with distinction is not just a motto at Heidelberg University, it is a mission. That is why Heidelberg students are provided with unique opportunities to find their purpose through our Distinctive Programs. 

Travel Opportunities


Academic Experiences

Meet Professionals

Standout educational opportunities are offered through the Center for Historic and Military Archaeology, where students participate in archaeological digs, and learn to classify and catalog items found at historic battlefields. Also, the National Center for Water Quality Research provides students with opportunities to monitor water samples from the streams and tributaries leading in to Lake Erie and the Ohio River.

We aim to make the transition to college in the United States easier for our international and non-English speaking students with the Heidelberg English Language Institute. Students enter intensive English language training combined with cultural orientation for those whose native language is not English.

Created by women, the Patricia Adam Lecture Series (PALS) and the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) are open to male students, too. PALS brings to campus exceptional female speakers from a broad spectrum of personal and professional backgrounds. The speakers give keynote addresses, but also have smaller, more personal, sessions with students during their visits.