Honors House

Honors HouseBryenton Honors Center is a welcoming place for Honors students to gather and to study twenty-four hours a day. Open only to Honors students who are issued keys, the house is a comfortable and quiet haven in the midst of a bustling campus.

The first floor contains the Dean’s office, the student assistant’s desk, the Eisenhower seminar room, computer lab, study areas, and a mini-kitchen. The second floor includes the office of the Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs, a large study room, the copier room, and the Honors Lounge with murals drawn by famous cartoonists Polly Keener, Dave Coverly, Chip Bok, and Don Lee. There is wireless reception throughout the building.

Heidelberg University is one of the few colleges of its size to dedicate an entire house for the exclusive use of its Honors students.

                           honors room