Claude Gatebuke

Claude GatebukeRwandan genocide and civil war survivor Claude Gatebuke has dedicated his life to advocating for human rights. He is the executive director and co-founder of the Nashville, Tenn.-based African Great Lakes Action Network, an organization focused on justice, peace and prosperity in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Additionally, Mr. Gatebuke is a member of the African Great Lakes Advocacy Coalition, which unites more than a dozen advocacy organizations with a common vision for a peaceful Great Lakes region of Africa, found throughout the U.S.

Mr. Gatebuke’s advocacy work focuses on genocide prevention. He has lobbied on Capitol Hill and in Nashville, and is a regular presenter at colleges, universities, churches, community organizations and conferences across the U.S. Drawing upon his personal experiences as a genocide survivor, he has appeared on local, national and international television and radio programs as an expert on genocide awareness and prevention.

Watch a video of Claude's keynote address.