Media Communication Center

Media Communication CenterThe Media Communication Center (MCC) embraces real-world traditional broadcasting methods and connects to audiences through newer mass media technologies. This center provides a unique learning experience for Heidelberg students of all majors wanting to gain media skills. 

WHEI studios integrate aesthetic, creative, and critical thought with hands-on learning. Students who participate in WHEI activities do so to develop:

  1. skills - such as writing, voice announcing, producing or using technologies.
  2. leadership -  by overseeing peer activities and student productions.
  3. relationships - as the success of WHEI relies on the collaborative efforts of many talented and energetic crews.


Heidelberg's TV 10 broadcasts the evening news every weekday from 5-5:30 p.m. This program is produced, directed and delivered by students. Students learn valuable skills in reporting, videography, anchoring and directing, all applicable in the working world of broadcast news media. In addition to providing the evening news to more than 8,000 area homes for more than 20 years, Heidelberg media students have also produced their own game shows, comedy shows and sports programs.


Heidelberg's radio station WHEI 88.9 operates as a non-commercial station 24/7. Operating as free form programming, student DJs have the freedom to play whatever kind of music appeals to them and their audiences. That station is also streamed online

The MCC also houses the Tiffin Broadcasting Company (WTTF) has had a successful history at providing local programming to the community of Tiffin and Seneca County. This organization provides options for students seeking careers in traditional broadcasting services to collect commercial radio resume experience without leaving campus.