Early Alert Form

How does the Early Alert System work?

  1. A member of the Heidelberg faculty or staff submits a referral through the online form.
  2. The Student Success Team reviews the referral.
  3. An email is sent to the student informing them of the referral.
  4. A member of the Student Success Team will contact the student to provide assistance, referrals to appropriate resources, and support.

Information for Faculty and Staff:

If a student in your class or an advises demonstrates any of the following warning signs or other behaviors you feel may put the student’s academic success at risk, please refer him/her via Early Alert.

  • Missing two or more consecutive classes without notification or student’s attendance is affecting their success in your course.
  • Low or no engagement in the classroom (sleeping in class, not taking notes, talking, texting, or
  • lack of participation)
  • Failure to acquire textbook or other course materials
  • Lack of preparation for class and classwork
  • Poor quality of work and/or late/missing assignments
  • Poor writing skills
  • Poor reading comprehension skills
  • Needs assistance with study skills and/or time management
  • Academic difficulty due to personal issues outside the classroom (financial, transportation, childcare, etc.)

Submit an Early Alert