National Center for Water Quality Research

The National Center for Water Quality Research (NCWQR) is a leader in surface and ground water research and monitoring in the Great Lakes region and beyond. Chemical analysis of freshwater samples, biological assessment of aquatic communities, and watershed modeling are performed at our facilities in Gillmor Hall on the Heidelberg University campus.

The NCWQR staff uses the wealth of water quality data that is generated here concerning Lake Erie and numerous streams and groundwater wells across the nation to understand and interpret the impacts of food production on soil and water resources, the status of water quality, the effects of water quality on aquatic ecosystems, and future implications for the availability of healthy, usable water. Our insights are shared through contributions to national and international scholarly publications and research conferences as well as speaking engagements for the general public.

We invite you to view our latest Annual Report to learn about our many projects and activities during the last fiscal year.