Research at Heidelberg

Student Research ConferenceStudent Research Conference

Every spring, the Heidelberg community takes a day off from classes to celebrate and support student research. At Heidelberg’s annual Mind’s At Work: Student Research Conference, students present research projects they completed during the year by working with a faculty sponsor.

It’s a great day for students not only to see research in their field, but to support friends from other majors and learn about research in other areas. The conferences serves to not only give students professional presentation experience, but also to increase interests and awareness of research.

Sample Presentations from previous years:

  • Ethics of Childhood Genetic Testing
  • Success in a Competitive Market: Under Armor’s Innovative Culture
  • Hipster revolution: A Re-Evaluation
  • A Blunt Reality: Pride and Prejudice within Joan River’s Stand-up
  • Lactate Dehydrogenase: A Study of Kinetics and Inhibition
  • Analysis on the Big Five Personality Traits
  • Fanfiction in the Classroom
  • Xenophobia in Europe: A Cultural Aspect

Facilties some students use for their research include: