Minds At Work: Student Research Conference

Conference Objectives

  • To increase student interest and knowledge concerning academic research and scholarship.
  • To recognize, honor, and reward academic excellence.
  • To give students an opportunity to experience the conference format of academic inquiry; and to improve their critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills in a professional setting.

Conference Schedule

February 20, 2014

  • 9 am - 11 am — Student Presentations
  • 11 am — Keynote Address (Rickly Chapel)
  • Noon - 1:15 pm — Lunch (Wickham Great Hall)
  • 1:30 pm - 5 pm — Student Presentations

Conference Format

We are soliciting student projects from any academic discipline. Students wishing to present research papers or other projects need to register for the conference and send an abstract of their project (details below). Each participant will have fifteen minutes to make an oral presentation of their project that will be followed by five minutes of questions and discussion. (We ask the papers not be read verbatim.) Students are asked to specify any audio-visual needs their presentation will employ. We request that student presenters bring several extra copies of their papers for distribution to interested faculty and students.

A luncheon will be provided for all registered participants, their parents, and their faculty sponsors. Presenting students will also receive a commemorative book. Abstracts will be published in the conference program. There will also be opportunities for visiting students and faculty mentors to interact with colleagues and meet our keynote speaker.

Sample Abstract

Arthur Grothe - Heidelberg University
"An Icarus Who Flew Too Close...: A Social-Values Interpretation of the Barrymore Text" - Dr. Jan Younger

John Barrymore was a troubled man, to say the least. However, he was also an incredible acting talent, appearing in almost 60 films and 30 Broadway productions. He won critical acclaim for his portrayal of "Hamlet," a role which grew to epitomize his life. John Barrymore's vices were the subject of many headlines and scandals, eventually leading to his downfall. but it was during this time that he became a change agent for the value shift that took place during society in the nineteen twenties. By using a new play by William Luce, entitled " Barrymore," it is possible to come to understand the man John Barrymore and his place in history.

Ernest and Martha Hammel Research Award

Heidelberg University students who believe their papers are exceptional may submit their entire paper for the Ernest and Martha Hammel Research Award by Friday, January 31, 2014. There will be a $500 prize for “Best Paper”, $250 for the second place paper and $100 for the third place paper. A printed copy of the paper must be submitted to Nancy King (Office of Academic Affairs in University Hall) by Friday, January 31, 2014 to be considered for a monetary award. Only undergraduate students can be considered for the Best Paper Awards.

2014 Presenters

Conference Schedule

  • Dinah Adams: "Emerging Adulthood in Popular Culture and Women, Art and Politics in the Middle East" and "If Women Ruled the World: Would It Be More Peaceful?"
  • Brandi Aldrich: "Adolescent Issues in 'Peeling the Onion' by Wendy Orr"
  • Serra Altintas: "Burqas vs. Bikinis: The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Feminism" and "The Republic of Turkey: A Country Profile"
  • Rush Arbogast:
  • Kearstin Bailey: "People: The Landscape of the American West as Portrayed by Richard Avedon & John Steinbeck"
  • Bethany Beaver: "The Mexican Economy: A Revolution unto Itself" and "If Women Ruled the World: Would It Be More Peaceful?" (co-presenting)
  • David Bertrand: "Attitudes Toward Perceptual Rape Scenarios"
  • Cierra Bishop: "Understanding and Marketing to Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Marketing Plan for Real Yoga, LLC" (co-presenting) and "JC Penney's Downward Spiral"
  • Alexandra Blum: "Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound on a Stress Fracture"
  • Benjamin Blystone: "Indiana vs. The World: Trade Analysis in Both Manufacturing and Agricultural Goods"
  • Leah Boileau: "Mobile Banking Marketing Strategy"
  • Rachael Boughan: "The Hidden Revolution: The Expansion of Women's Roles in Early Modern China" and "Laogai: The Chinese Gulag"
  • Kathleen Bowman: "Uglies: To Be Pretty Or Stay Ugly?"
  • Brittany Bowyer: "Reinterpreting Isis and Osiris"
  • Casey Brannon: "Patient Satisfaction Regarding Athletic Bracing"
  • Katelyn Cabe: "A Matter of Perspective: Musical Censorship and Propaganda of the Soviet Union Under the Rule of Lenin and Stalin"
  • Amber Caldarelli: "The Online World: An Exploration of the Changes and Effects to Real People"
  • Benjamin Calvert: "If Women Ruled the World: Would It Be More Peaceful?" (co-presenting)
  • Jacob Cochran: "Comparison of a Mature and Recently Restored Floodplain forest Along Big Darby Creek in Central Ohio"
  • Howard Cole: "Blues All Stars"
  • Mary Covel: "Emma: The Wife and Mother of Kings"
  • Alexa Crase: "Psychological Testing and Assessment"
  • Roberta "Bobbi" Custer: "Spotted Cow Coffeehouse: Workplace Opportunity for Special Needs Adults"
  • Peyton Demith: "What World Powers Did Right in Syria and What They Did Wrong"
  • Sarah Dombrosky: "Peace: A Foreign Notion?"
  • Kyra Dorney: "Misuse Of Adderall on A Small Liberal Arts Campus"
  • Sia DuFour: "Changes in Gerontology Over the Years"
  • Mandy Duren: "Electromagnetic Bone Growth Stimulator on the Base of the Fifth Metatarsal"
  • Chaylene Ehrman: "The Evolution of the Film Vampire"
  • Tanner Fisher: "Reinterpreting Beauty and the Beast (co-presenting)"
  • Zachary Flint: "The Science Behind the Shoes"
  • Melissa Flowers: "The Future of Catholic Liturgical Music"
  • Andrew Fons: "Trail Degradation at Woodruff Scout Reservation"
  • Alexa Frank: "Stigma and Mental Health"
  • Erik Furst: "Using Music to Fight Racism"
  • Genna Fusco: "How Men and Women Rate Pain"
  • Kayla Graves: "Heat of the Moment: Sexual Self-Efficacy and Consenting to Unwanted Sexual Experiences"
  • Allyson Guarino: "Beyond the Glitter and Crayons: The Methods and Madness of Effective Teaching"
  • Krystal Harms: "The History and Controversy of Music Therapy"
  • Miranda Haun: "Let's Talk About Sex"
  • Brandon Herrmann: "An Outsider's Approach to the Johnson's Island Catalogue"
  • Meredith Higgins: "The Effect of Ethnicity and Gender on Employability" and "The 'Art' of Standup Comedy: Sarah Silverman"
  • Colin Higgins: "Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East: Proliferation, Peace, and a rather Pessimistic Outlook" and "If Women Ruled the World: Would It Be More Peaceful?" (co-presenting)
  • Joshua Hinkel: "The Free Syrian Army"
  • Megan Honaker: "Assad vs. Rebels vs. Jihadists"
  • Nicolette Horvat: "Archimedes's Numbering System vs Modern Notation"
  • Katelyn Hough: "Sexualized Breast Cancer Med"
  • Elizabeth Hucke: "Income Expectations: A survey of Heidelberg Students Interested in the Medical Field"
  • Elizabeth Hucke: "Phytoplankton Changes from Late October to Early December in Heidelberg's Campus Pond" (co-presenting)
  • Erica Huffman: "Understanding and Marketing to Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Marketing Plan for Real Yoga, LLC" (co-presenting)
  • Summer Hunter-Kysor: "The Fall of the Regime: What Comes Next?"
  • Lynda Hyde: "The Portrayal of Cartoon Character Death"
  • Emily Jones: "Where Art Thou, Brother?: The Prospects of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood," "Social Media and the Arab Spring #RealTalk" and "An Ethic of Friendship in a Self-Interested World: Responses to Dr. Muhammad Mahallati" (co-presenting)
  • Cameron Journigan: "Phytoplankton Changes from Late October to Early December in Heidelberg's Campus Pond" (co-presenting)
  • Dorion Kempf: "CEO Succession" and "CFA Investment Challenge"
  • Allison Kennedy: "Study Towards a Cost-Effective Flow Injection Analysis System for the Quantification of Glyphosate in Surface Water" (co-presenting)
  • Ashley Kessler: "Ultrasound Techniques for a Labrum Injury"
  • Stephen Kisan: "Ohio's Agricultural Output"
  • Alan Koren: "Quantitative Study of Powdered Protein Consumption among a College Population"
  • Julia Lachowski: "Yemen: A Country Profile"
  • Erin Littleton: "CIA Declassified: Document Analysis"
  • Bethany Mattern: "Emotional Intelligence: A Comparison Between Intercollegiate Athletes and Non-Athletes" and "Controversial Methods of Psychological Therapy"
  • Deidre McVay: "How 'Special' is the Special Relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom from Post World War II to Present Day"
  • Sheldon Miller: "Turkish Protests"
  • Katharine Murphy: "Science is the Search for Truth: Use of DNA in the Criminal Court System" and "Phytoplankton Changes from Late October to Early December in Heidelberg's Campus"
  • Zachary Myers: The Effects of Regulation on the Composition of LBOs
  • Sandra Natole: "Vocalizing for the Voiceless: A General Overview of Animal Ethics in Research"
  • Friedemann Nau: "The Effects of High-Skilled Migration"
  • Brian Ngare: "Immigration"
  • Adrian Niemetz: "Hidden Utopian Messages in Bertoldt Brecht's 'Drums in the Night' " and "Problems with Applying Middle Range Theory to Medieval Archaeology"
  • Karen Nybeck: "Comparing Patient Satisfaction in Ankle Tapes with vs. without Pre-Wrap"
  • Holly Oberlin: "Modernism Through the Eyes of Porgy and Bess"
  • Christopher Osborne: "Modeling Best Management Practices in the Sandusky River Watershed Using Geographic" and "Prey Response to Predatory Fish Kariomones "
  • Adam Oulton: "An Ethic of Friendship in a Self-Interested World: Responses to Dr. Muhammad Mahallati" (co-presenting) and "The Dreams of Rome"
  • Whitney Overlin: "Synthesis of Science and Criminal Justice in Homicide Cases"
  • Bradley Palocko: "The Fast Gene: Insight into the Genetics behind Success in Competitive Running"
  • Deidre Potter: "Leonardo da Vinci's Accomplishments in Anatomy," "Peace through Conflict? The Relationship Between India and Pakistan" and "Integrated Curriculum: A New Outlook for Learning" (co-presenting)
  • Jessica Reed: "Unrelenting Norse" and "Industrialized Sex: From Japan's 'Pleasure Houses' in the 17th Century to Their Sex Tours of Today"
  • Jenna Rhoades: "Equally Super? Examining the Distribution of Superpowers Based on Gender "
  • Elizabeth Rhode: "I Am Human Being Number 1005963297: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Vietnam War"
  • Bryce Riggs: "CEO Successions"
  • Corinne Shaull: "Preparing Students for Competitive Employment"
  • Shelby Shockency: "The Importance and Role of School Psychologists in School Mental Health Programs"
  • Jennifer Simko: "Study Towards a Cost-Effective Flow Injection Analysis System for the Quantification of Glyphosate in Surface Water " (co-presenting)
  • Anna Sisco: "Community Interaction in Early Modern Germany"
  • Amber Spiegel: "Losing One's State: A Look at the Plight of the Stateless"
  • Joshua Springer: "The Evolution of Amazon and Netflix between December 2012 and March 2013"
  • Heather Sprouse: "Medical Practices in Medieval Europe" and "Effects of Chytridiomycosis on Amphibian Populations Potentially Influenced by Environmental Factors"
  • Lauren Stainbrook: "Synthesis and Extraction of Chemical Derivatives for Perfume Development"
  • Jeremy Stepp: "The Psychology behind Criminal Activity"
  • Taylor Stoll: "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Escapism, Fantasy Proneness, and Political Attitudes Compared" and "The Effects of Birth Order on Personality"
  • Marrisa Therriault: "Sincerely Yours, The Breakfast Club"
  • Alexander Vogel: "The Effectiveness of Noble's Test"
  • Mikaela Weldy: "Reinterpreting Beauty and the Beast (co-presenting)"
  • Elisabeth White: "A Country Profile on Morocco" and "Integrated Curriculum: A New Outlook for Learning" (co-presenting)
  • Isabel Wild: "Regional and International Impacts of Syria's Civil War"
  • Alexander Wilhelm: "An Ethic of Friendship in a Self-Interested World: Responses to Dr. Muhammad Mahallati" (co-presenting) and
  • Kiara Williams:
  • Maggie Wilson: "Keeping Up with the Jones': A Modern Look at the Lives of the Aristocracy and Peasantry in Early Modern Europe"
  • Jacob Woost: "The Effects of Recurring Events in the Stock Market: Stock Splits in the Technology Industry"
  • Meghan Yost: "The East German People under Soviet Occupation"