Housing and Meals

BedroomIn your dorm you will learn the German language and culture you cannot learn from a textbook or in the classroom. Rather than placing you together with other Americans, AJY housing is spread out across Heidelberg. You will live in a dormitory or in a shared apartment (Wohngemeinschaft) with German students. This enables you to speak German informally with your neighbors - from before that first cup of coffee in the morning until the last late-night chat in the evening.

All dorm rooms are fully equipped and have access to a shared kitchen and bath facilities. Most rooms are singles and housing is usually centrally located, requiring only a short walk or bus ride to and from classes or other activities. Your room will be available from the day the group arrives in Heidelberg for the duration of your enrollment in the program.




Students usually prepare breakfast on their own. For noon and evening meals, they may take advantage of the very reasonably-priced offerings at the University cafeteria. Since all rooms have access to cooking facilities, many students cook occasional meals with fellow students in their apartments or dorms.