Universität Heidelberg

BuildingFounded in 1386, Universität Heidelberg is Germany’s oldest university. Consistently ranked among the top three of German universities, it is one of the few federal recognized ‘elite’ schools in the country and home to a number of Nobel laureates. Furthermore, the University’s excellent reputation has attracted many world-class institutions and firms to the city in such diverse areas as Medicine, Physics, Software, and Finance.

Among the prominent faculties at the Universität Heidelberg are history, political and social sciences, philosophy, classical and modern languages, natural and biological sciences, economics, theology, law and medicine. The German Studies Department is the oldest such department in Germany.

Most traditional university departments are centered around the Universitätsplatz in the heart of the Old Town. The natural sciences and medicine, the athletic center and the computer center are located in a modern campus on the north bank of the Neckar River.