Program Fees and Other Costs

Tuition and Fees 2015-2016

  • Full Academic Year (September - July) — $ 24,900
  • Fall Semester (September - December) — $11,950
  • Extended Fall Semester (September - early February) — $12,450
  • Spring Semester (March - July) — $12,450

Program Fees include

  • Airport transfer service upon arrival (AJY staff will meet you at the airport)
  • On-site orientation
  • Universität Heidelberg tuition and fees (admission & student services, incl. most university sports facilities)
  • All university instruction
  • Tutorials if needed
  • Four-week intensive Preliminary Course
  • AJY courses, including an academic writing workshop
  • Official transcript of academic credit
  • AJY study trips and excursions
  • Internship placement (competitive)
  • Health insurance (valid within the entire European Union and some additional countries); liability insurance; medical evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Residency permit
  • On-site support provided by AJY staff
  • AJY Study Center and facilities including
    • Computer room equipped with PCs, high speed Internet, Wi-Fi, printers, scanners
    • Student lounge with TV, DVD library, newspapers and magazines
    • Small kitchen for coffee breaks or snacks
  • Public transportation pass for Heidelberg and large surrounding area
  • German Rail Pass
  • Interrail Pass (Full Year students only)
  • Culture coupons (may be used towards concerts, museums, sporting events)
  • Some meals included (arrival, departure, festive Thanksgiving dinner)

Administrative Fees

A non-refundable fee of $25 must accompany the application forms when submitted. A non-refundable confirmation fee of $250, due upon acceptance, confirms your participation in the program. These two fees may be waived for colleges and universities which have a formal affiliation with Heidelberg University. Contact your institution's study abroad advisor to determine if the waiver applies to your school.

Payment Information

Please feel free to contact Barb at (419) 448-2183 or by email to discuss any tuition related matters or to ask questions regarding your payments.

Tuition and Housing Costs payable to: Heidelberg University

You or the party you identified in the billing information on the application form will receive an e-bill from Heidelberg University at the start of each semester of your stay.

Payment due dates are

August 1

  • Full Year students, first semester
  • Fall students
  • Extended Fall students

February 1

  • Full Year students, second semester
  • Spring Semester students

NOTE: Full year students are charged in two separate billings.

Making payments

Paying by check by mail: Please make checks payable to: Heidelberg University and mail to: Barb Gabel, Business Office, 310 E. Market Street, Tiffin, Ohio 44883.

Paying by check online: Heidelberg University has an online payment system for bank-to-bank transfer payments (Automated Clearing House system, ACH). There is no charge for this system. You can only access the system through your OASIS account. You will need your Heidelberg University ID number and your OASIS password. Log in to OASIS, click Student Services, click Student Records, then click on TouchNet Online Payments. Students can check their account balance on OASIS under TouchNet Online Payment System.

Paying by credit card: Credit card payments can be made online by going to your OASIS account. You will need your Heidelberg University ID number and your OASIS password. Log in to OASIS, click Student Services, click Student Records, then click on TouchNet Online Payments. Credit cards are processed by TouchNet, a third party processor operating under an agreement with Heidelberg University. Be aware that there is a 2.75% "service fee" charged to all credit card payments. Discover, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted (not Visa).


No charge will be made to students who withdraw before August 1 (February 1 for Spring Semester students). If unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for you to continue with the program, you will be entitled to a refund of tuition and housing costs, less 20 percent of the charge for each week that has elapsed.

Transatlantic Travel

Students make their own flight arrangements, arriving on the day that the AJY program begins (see academic calendar). Nearest airport is Frankfurt International Airport. Students will be met by AJY staff at the airport on the day of arrival. AJY makes arrangements for a shuttle service to Heidelberg for all students arriving at Frankfurt International airport on the day of official arrival. The program will provide all program participants with detailed arrival information. We estimate that an average airfare will be $1300.

Estimated Living Expenses in Heidelberg

These calculations can be used for financial aid budgeting. 

The following amounts for personal living expenses are estimations and will vary depending on the dollar/euro exchange rate. 

  Full Year Fall Extended Fall Spring
Room $4,410 $2,120 $2,280 $2,280
Meals $3,500 $1,380 $1,760 $1,760
Personal Expenses, books, laundry, etc. $2,400 $960 $1,210 $1,210

NOTE ROOM FEE CALCULATIONS: For fall semester billing the exchange rate on June 1 is used. For spring semester billing the exchange rate on December 1 is used. 

As circumstances dictate, Heidelberg University reserves the right to change any portion of the conditions of payments in the program. Current fluctuations in the value of the U.S. dollar on foreign exchanges may lead to curtailment of some of the services included in the AJY fees. However, no additional fees have ever been assessed against participants in the program, and it is hoped that none will be forthcoming in the future.

Financial Aid Resources, Scholarships and Employment Opportunities

If you have a scholarship through your school, check with your Financial Aid Office to see if it can be applied towards your direct costs. In addition, other federal and state grant aid, and federal loans may also be applied. Many schools have Affiliation agreements or Consortium agreements with Heidelberg University. Check with your Financial Aid Office to see if such agreements are in place for your school. No financial aid is offered through the program. Additional questions may be directed to:

Associate Director of Financial Aid
Heidelberg University
310 E. Market Street
Tiffin, Ohio 44883

Many scholarships are available for students wishing to study abroad based on specific criteria such as language and destination.

  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation. The goal of DAAD Undergraduate Program is to support study abroad in Germany and at German universities. As an AJY participant you are eligible to apply for these competitive scholarships. The awards range from € 6500 for students on a full academic year program, to € 2600 for students on one semester program. Application deadline for all DAAD scholarships is January 31. Note: The application procedure begins online; supplemental materials have to be sent by mail.
  • Pell Grants should consider applying for a Gilman Scholarship which provides awards up to $5000.
  • Also consider approaching organizations which encourage and support study abroad in general (for example, Rotary International), or local German-American clubs/businesses in your hometown.

For additional scholarship sources consult:

Employment Opportunities

Each semester, AJY offers two paid student positions (part-time) to help with office-related work. In addition, students may also apply for the paid AJY Social Media Expert positions.

AJY students receive a residence permit that will allow them to work up to 90 days or 180 half days per calendar year while in Heidelberg. AJY staff will help you locate part-time jobs such as tutoring, restaurant server, and similar typical student work.

In order to find out what jobs are typically available please go to the university student job center: