AJY Courses

Every semester, the AJY program offers three courses at the Study Center. These courses are for AJY students only, and are taught by AJY faculty. AJY courses include the preliminary and German Studies courses. While the preliminary course (mandatory for all AJY students) is taught every fall and spring, the topics of the German Studies courses may vary. Following is a selection of courses taught in recent semesters:

  • Aspects of Society and Culture in Contemporary Germany (mandatory preliminary course)
  • Consumer Behavior. A Comparison between Germany and USA
  • German Pop Literature
  • Current Issues, a course in advanced conversation
  • Competence in Academic Text Comprehension & Writing
  • Turn of the Century Art and Literature 1871-1914
  • German & European Economic Geography
  • Minnesang and Kanak Sprak. German Literature from 1300 to Today
  • German Exile Literature 1933 – 1945
  • Berlin Underground. The Subcultural Nineties in Berlin
  • Masterpieces of German Literature
  • German and European Art from the Middle Ages to the Present

AJY Tutorials
For students enrolled in university courses and in need of extra help, AJY may arrange weekly tutorials. The tutors review lecture topics, assign appropriate readings, and assist students in preparing for their final exams or in doing research for their term papers.