AJY Courses

Each semester, the AJY program offers three courses. These courses are for AJY students only, and are taught at the Study Center by AJY adjunct faculty:

Aspects of Society and Culture in Contemporary Germany (the preliminary course, mandatory)
A German literature course (topics vary from semester to semester)
Advanced German Text Comprehension and Writing (fall and spring semesters)

Aspects of Society and Culture in Contemporary Germany
(mandatory preliminary course, 3 credits)

After arrival in Heidelberg, students participate in a 4-week Preliminary Course at the AJY Study Center.

The course consists of three components:
1. Sixty (60) hours of intensive practice in listening and reading comprehension, advanced German grammar and vocabulary preparing the students for the University’s German Language Proficiency Examination.
2. The course is supplemented by a program of visits / excursions to various cultural institutions around Heidelberg with an emphasis on exploring contemporary German society. Students are then required to prepare, undertake and report on these various intercultural encounters through oral presentations and written reports. (Typical institutions include the Heidelberg police headquarters, the Pop Academy of Music in Mannheim and a local television station).
3. Since all students are required to participate in a community activity (such as a sports club, choir, volunteer work) on a weekly basis during the university semester, students begin planning for their individual activity during the preliminary course.  At the end of their semester, they turn in a 3 page paper (in German) relating to this activity. Three semester credits are awarded upon successful completion of all course requirements.

For interested students enrolled in lecture courses in regular University departments, an attempt is made to arrange weekly tutorials. The tutors review topics from the lectures, assign appropriate readings, and assist students in preparing for their final exam or in researching their term paper. Before a tutorial can be established, a minimum number of students is required. Participating students usually earn one additional semester hour of credit for the course.