Women's Leadership Initiative

What makes Heidelberg’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) different from other leadership programs is that it was designed by some of our most promising students, all of whom have displayed leadership qualities and a desire to develop their leadership skills while helping others. These students work with the Directors on every aspect of this program, from defining leadership to selecting activities and events in which they themselves would like to participate.

Mission Statement

Heidelberg’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) is an inclusive community of faculty, staff, and students that acknowledges the value of different types of leaders and facilitates opportunities for leadership development both on and off campus.

Characteristics of Leadership

WLI defines a “leader” as one who:

  • has the courage to speak out when others may not;
  • is confident and not afraid to fail;
  • maintains a positive attitude;
  • sets standards for professionalism; 
  • respects self and others;
  • communicates and interacts effectively;
  • seeks and shares knowledge;
  • recognizes contributions of collaborators;
  • makes a positive impact;
  • inspires others to achieve; and
  • organizes people without controlling them.


Through WLI, participants:

  • receive support from other leaders;
  • be mentored and serve as mentors to others;
  • network with Heidelberg alumnae/i and community leaders;
  • interact with Heidelberg administrators;
  • take part in workshops/presentations/discussions related to leadership; andFind us on Facebook!
  • apply their leadership skills through WLI activities.


For more information, contact one of the WLI Co-Directors: