Resources Available Online

Here you will learn billing information, how to register for classes, how to locate your student ID number, how to activate your email address, and resources available to you on-line 24-hours a day. This is a very important section for you to read and complete. You should print this page so that you can complete these steps and keep for future reference each semester you are registering for classes. 

Academic Calendars

The academic calendar lists when classes begin, last days to withdraw and/or withdraw pass as well as when grades are due and the date of the last class. The academic calendar with links to the program specific calendar can be found online at



An increasing number of employers provide educational assistance to their employees. Students receiving tuition reimbursement from their employer may defer payment of the reimbursed amount until the reimbursement is received. A completed employer Tuition Reimbursement Contract must be on file in the Business Office. This form is available from the Graduate Studies Office, the Business Office or on the Graduate Studies Forms page online, and must be completed each semester that the student is enrolled in classes. Please note that this form is not available to students enrolling in the Reading or TESOL endorsements through UThink.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition is adjusted according to a schedule, posted online at, for those students who withdraw from a class or withdraw completely from the college. Students who withdraw from all classes prior to completing more than 60% of an enrollment term will have their eligibility for aid recalculated based on the percent of the term completed.

MAE Professional Development Workshops – Students enrolled in a professional development workshop and do not show up for class without withdrawing prior to the first class, are charged 50% of the tuition.

K-12 Reading and TESOL Endorsements – Students enrolled in the K-12 Reading and TESOL endorsements do not receive any refunds once they have registered and paid for their courses and classes have begun, then decide to withdraw.

OASIS – Registration, Payments, Email, etc.

The Online Academic Support and Information System (OASIS) is the student portal that all students use to register, request a parking pass, set up email, pay for tuition, and much more. Below are a few of the steps that MUST be completed as a coursework only student. Should you have any problems using OASIS, contact the Registrar’s Office at 419-448-2090.

Login to OASIS

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Login to your account” link.
  3. In the top part of the page, select the “click here” link to retrieve your student ID number. It will ask for your social security number and birthdate in order to retrieve your student ID number.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you did not enter your social security number on your online application, you will not be able to use this automated system to retrieve your student ID number. To have your social security number entered in our system, you will need to fax a clear copy of your driver's license and social security card to the Registrar's Office at 419-448-2122. Make sure to indicate on the fax that you are requesting to have your SSN information entered in the system. The Registrar's Office is a secure office that handles confidential student information on a daily basis and faxing is a safe way of transmitting this information.
  4. The initial PIN for OASIS is your 6-digit birth date (i.e. 03/15/90 would be 031590). You will then have to reset your PIN for OASIS. *If you previously had a PIN as a prior Heidelberg student and forgot what it is, click the “Forgot PIN” button under the login boxes.

Set up NET ID/Heidelberg Email Address

In accordance with FERPA laws, all students (even Coursework Only students) are required to have a Heidelberg email address for all university related correspondence. This is also referred to as the Net ID which allows students to logon to and print from campus computers. It also grants access to MOODLE, the online instruction tool used by many professors. Heidelberg University (and UThink for the endorsement classes) will contact you using this email address. Since Heidelberg uses Google as its email server, you will have the ability to combine it with or forward to other email accounts.

  1. Login to OASIS.
  2. Select “Personal Information” from the menu link or tab across the top page
  3. Select “My NetID Information”
  4. Use the fields: “Activate your NetID or Change Your NetID Password” to set your NetID password
  5. Click “Change Password” button to submit your request
  6. TO CHECK YOUR HEIDELBERG EMAIL, go to, click on the "Logins" drop down at the top of Heidelberg's homepage and select "BergApps". You can also log into your email through If you already have a google email, you will need to select to "add an account" to be able to log into it. Enter your heidelberg email address and password. Please note that it will take at least one day for Heidelber's CNIT department to activate your email address after you have activated your NetID and created your email password in OASIS. Additional information about email will be sent to you after we change it to your preferred email address.

Register Vehicle / Request Parking Pass

All students (except for those only taking online endorsement classes or professional development workshops) are required to register all vehicles driven to the Heidelberg Tiffin campus. Vehicle registration is available on OASIS under each student’s “Personal Information” menu. There is no charge for vehicle registration for graduate students. Students are expected to park in student parking areas. Signs are posted in several locations.

  1. Login to OASIS.
  2. Select “Personal Information” from the menu link or tab across the top page
  3. Select “Vehicle Registration”
  4. Enter the information for the vehicle you will be driving to campus.
  5. Pick up parking pass in the Business Office from 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday. If you are unable to visit during office hours, contact the Business Office at 419-448-2000 to make arrangements.

Register for Classes

Students can look up which classes to register for off the main login page at or within OASIS. Follow the steps below to register for classes. Should you have any issues registering for classes, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 419-448-2090.

  1. Login to OASIS.
  2. Click “Student” and then “Registration.”
  3. Click on “Add or Drop Classes” then select the correct term you are planning to register for.
  4. Enter CRN of the courses you plan to register for, or select “Class Search” to look up classes to select by program and select the correct courses.
  5. Click “Register” or “Submit Changes.” The courses should then show that you have registered for them.
  6. Double check your registration by checking that the courses appear in the “Current Schedule.”

Pay for Classes

All students can pay for classes by using the TouchNet system via OASIS. This system allows students to pay by e-check or by credit card. Please review FAQ information for paying by credit card at Should you have any troubles with payment, please contact the Business Office at 419-448-2000. Please note that it will take a few minutes for the payment balance to generate in TouchNet after you have registered for your classes. Fall semester bills are usually not generated until after July 20. 

  1. Login to OASIS.
  2. Click “Student” and then “Student Records.”
  3. Click on “TouchNet Online Payments” and click “Continue.”
  4. Once in the Touch Net system, you should see your balance and there will be an option to “Make a Payment.”

NOTE: K-12 Reading and TESOL Endorsement students will be notified by UThink the day before the class begins on how to access the online class portal after they have registered AND paid for courses.

Records Requests - Transcripts

Students can also use OASIS to view grades, unofficial transcripts, status information, request transcripts, obtain enrollment verification, etc. Transcripts are available at the conclusion of a term. Professional development workshops grad postings co-insides with the term it is offered within (see

  • Grade Reports – Available in OASIS: “Student Records”
  • Enrollment Verification (insurance, loan deferment, employers) – Available in OASIS: “Student Records”
  • Record Holds – Students with missing details may be placed on a hold status, which prohibits seeing most details within OASIS, i.e. grades or registration. Registration status and holds can be viewed in OASIS: “Registration” then “Registration Status.”
  • Transcript Request – Requests can be made in OASIS: “Student Records” then “Order a Transcript.”

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