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Graduate Catalog

Specific program policies, procedures and information can be found in the Graduate Catalog. The catalog is mailed to all students once accepted and is also available online at www.heidelberg.edu/academiclife/grad/catalog. of the most important policies and procedures you need to be aware of will be abbreviated in this orientation, but so be sure to review the Graduate Catalog for the most specific and thorough information. Regardless of being enrolled as a coursework only student, all policies and procedures outlined in the Graduate Catalog, and in program handbooks, apply to all students enrolled in graduate classes.

In any discrepancies found on the website, the Graduate Catalog is always considered to be updated and correct.

Withdrawals - VERY IMPORTANT

Students may drop individual courses online. However, if a student wishes to drop their LAST or only course and withdraw for the semester he/she must complete a signed Graduate Registration Form. The form is located on OASIS or can be obtained from the Registar's Office or online. Completed Graduate Registration Forms should be returned to the Registrar's Office for the change in registration to be official. There is a financial penalty for withdrawing from a class after the beginning of classes. Students enrolled in the K-12 Reading and TESOL endorsements do not receive any refunds once they have registered and paid for their classes then decide to withdraw after classes have begun. A student who ceases to attend classes but does not officially withdraw will receive a grade of “F” at the end of the semester. A grade of “W” is recorded for each course dropped before the last day to drop courses. Grade of “W” is not calculated into the GPA. A grade of “WF” is recorded for each course dropped after the last day to drop courses. Students who do not enroll after one year will have their account inactivated. A readmission form is required upon deciding to return to Heidelberg.

Workshop or Professional Development students enrolled in our Saturday or 1-credit hour classes will be charged an unauthorized drop fee 50% of the course tuition if it the course is not dropped appropriately, prior to the first day of the course. Students must contact the Graduate Studies Office by email or phone or submit a registration form of the drop BEFORE the first day of the course.

K-12 Reading and TESOL Endorsement students do not receive any refunds once they have registered and paid for their classes, and classes have begun, then decide to withdraw.

Transcripts are available at the conclusion of a term or semester and are not immediately available upon completion of a Workshop or Professional Development session. To request a transcript, contact the Registrar's Office at 419-448-2090 or registrar@heidelberg.edu or go to www.heidelberg.edu/offices/registrar/transcript.

Again, be sure to review COMPLETE information on these policies and procedures, among others, in the Graduate Catalog.

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