MAC New Student Online Orientation


As a new student in the MAC Program, you will be required to attend our all day New Student Orientation on Campus next Fall. In the mean time, since you are starting before our next full orientation, you will need to complete a preliminary orientation to our program and Heidelberg University. This presentation is designed to introduce you to our program and the university. It elaborates on the variety of information that you have recently received in the mail, heard from our faculty, Program Director, Administrative Assistant and/or the Admissions Office.

We are glad that you have chosen the MAC Program here at Heidelberg University. Our goal is to offer a “student centered” liberal arts experience. This orientation tutorial offers a brief overview of the Graduate Studies in Counseling program. All students must complete this tutorial prior to beginning any coursework. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Counseling office at 419.448.2288.

Review this material carefully. At the bottom of each section you must click the link to go to the next page or section. At the very end of this orientation you will take a “Reinforce The Reader”. This will ensure that you’ve paid attention.

  1. No incoming Spring or Summer candidate may register for classes until verification that the quiz has been taken is received, so please don’t forget to take the quiz.
  2. Once you have taken the quiz, notification will be sent to Graduate Admissions and your file will be authorized for registration (also upon receipt of your transcripts). This quiz allows you to reinforce your understanding of our program as well as to note areas for which you may need clarification from your advisor.
  3. Should you receive a score LESS than a 70%, you will need to retake the quiz to achieve a score of 70% or above.

This on-line tutorial cannot be substituted for the one-day “New Student Fall Orientation” offered each August. Completion of this preliminary orientation will allow you to begin coursework in the MAC Program, but you will still be required to register for and complete the on-campus Fall Orientation scheduled for the Saturday prior to the first day of classes every Fall semester.




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