Evaluation of Graduate Students’ Non-Academic Performance in the Graduate Counseling Program

The unique nature of programs in counselor preparation requires the teaching faculty to consider both the student’s academic (e.g., course grades) as well as non-academic (e.g., interpersonal skills, ethical behavior) performance when evaluating the professional competence of students. All faculty members will review the progress of all students each semester. Students who fail to make satisfactory progress, evidence signs of impairment, or engage in inappropriate behavior face the possibility of dismissal from the program. Students will be reviewed based upon the characteristics listed on the Personal Characteristics Review Form. A copy of this form is located online at http://www.heidelberg.edu/academiclife/grad/forms/personalchar as well as in the Graduate Catalog.

Evaluation of Counseling Program

The Master of Arts in Counseling program conducts surveys of its alumni after they have graduated. This survey shows the demographics of the students who have completed their MAC degree, measures their satisfaction with the program, and shows what they have done since graduating from the program as well as their comments and suggestions regarding the Counseling program. Results of these evaluations are posted online at http://www.heidelberg.edu/academiclife/grad/mac/evaluation.


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