Clinical Counseling Concentration

The Community Counseling concentration is designed to meet the academic and fi eld experience requirements for those students who are seeking licensure as a Professional Counselor (PC) or Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) in the state of Ohio. The major purpose of the Heidelberg University community counselor concentration is to develop in students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to provide appropriate counseling services within a variety of helping settings. Skills in interpersonal helping, interaction, communication,and sensitivity acquired in the program are applicable to a variety of professionals including education, community social services, business and industry, government, and the ministry.

Although the Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) degree can be completed with 48 semester hours, inclusive of 100-hour Practicum and 600-hour Internship field experiences, the state of Ohio requires a minimum of 60 semester hours of coursework to be eligible for state licensure. The 60 semester hours must include at least 20 semester hours of clinical endorsement coursework with at least one course in each of the following five clinical areas:

  1. clinical psychopathology, personality, and abnormal behavior;
  2. evaluation of mental and emotional disorders;
  3. diagnosis of mental and emotional disorders;
  4. methods of intervention and prevention of mental and emotional disorders;
  5. treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

All of the coursework beyond the 48 semester hours required for the MAC degree that is needed to accumulate the license-eligible 60 semester hours is offered through the Graduate Studies in Counseling Program at Heidelberg University. Students completing the 60 semester hours of coursework are eligible to sit for the state licensure exam during their last semester of coursework. Students who choose to matriculate with the 48 semester hours in community counseling are not eligible for licensure in the state of Ohio. All 600 level courses are advanced Clinical Endorsement courses and require the necessary prerequisites (see course descriptions).