Undergraduate Programs

  • Students must complete at least one major and the general education requirements.
    • Some majors require a concentration, a specialization within a major.
  • Many students choose a minor in addition to their major. Most minors correspond to a major, however we have a few that don't.
  • In addition to their major, some students choose to follow a pre-professional program such as medicine, law or dentistry. While not a major or minor, the course work is designed to prepare students for acceptance into professional schools and provide them with an excellent foundation for successful careers.
  • Students unsure of a major can enroll in our Exploratory Studies program. 

Students may pursue one major, one major and one minor, one major and two minors, or two majors. Students should choose majors (and minors) by the end of their second year, at that time they should also select a mentor in their major department.