Exploratory Studies

The Exploratory Studies program provides students with a systematic and intentional approach for discovering their interests, developing their career plan and selecting a major. The program is designed for students not yet ready to commit to a major and leverages the resources available at Heidelberg to help students make a good academic choice.

The structure of the program helps students assess their strengths, weaknesses, and life goals, through curricular and co-curricular experiences. Those students with clear goals and abilities will be encouraged to pursue their desired academic path. Students with unclear or unrealistic goals will receive more direct help to clarify them and declare an appropriate major.

Exploratory Studies provides a central location for incoming and current students who are undecided about their major. Exploratory Studies faculty advisors provide advising for students who:

  • Want to learn about all HU majors
  • who have narrowed their options but want time to confirm their interests
  • who have decided, but have not (or do not) meet the requirements for their major

Resources for Students

Faculty Mentor

Students meet with their assigned faculty advisor three times during each semester. These appointments allow for the faculty advisor to review interest inventories or other appropriate assessment materials with students, to make referrals to campus offices, and to discuss curricular options.

Career Exploration 

This class provides an introduction to Heidelberg's majors and programs of study, along with a decision-making model applied to selecting a major. Students participate in faculty presentations from all academic divisions, complete individual personal assessments and journals, and complete a portfolio that contains documents that enable the student to reflect upon his or her educational and academic goals.

Senior Mentors

Students can connect with Heidelberg seniors and recent alumni willing to be a resource to provide information about courses, internships, and potential career paths.