Heidelberg has a unique Pre-Law program that offers an excellent opportunity for students preparing for law school. Pre-Law advisors are available to assist students interested in a legal career since the Pre-Law advisors have law school experience and have practiced law. They will work with individual students to select a course of study that will best suit their interest as well as their career choice. The Pre-Law program provides a supportive environment for those students interested in going to law school and includes law school visits and assistance with the law school application process. The program also encourages participation in legal internships and volunteer work experiences.

Although there is no preferred course of study for a person wanting to go to law school, The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools suggests that students thinking of law school acquire skills that enable one to think critically, reason logically and speak and write effectively. These skills can be attained in a number of different courses and majors. A student will have ample opportunity to gain these skills with Heidelberg University’s emphasis on a broad liberal arts education.

Students interested in Pre-Law may complete coursework for the Legal Studies minor.

Susan McCafferty Susan McCafferty
Adjunct Professor Honors Program
Pre-Law Advisor

Dr. Susan McCafferty graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Middlebury College in Vermont. After spending one year in Europe on a Thomas Watson Fellowship, she attended Harvard Law School. She clerked for a federal judge in the United States District Court in Vermont and then had a...