Dual Admission and Enrollment Program

Participating Colleges:

  • Marion Technical College - Marion, OH
  • North Central State College - Mansfield, OH
  • Owens Community College - Findlay and Toledo, OH
  • Terra Community College - Fremont, OH

Heidelberg has articulation agreements with these colleges, so you are guaranteed that your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will give you junior status when you transfer to complete your Bachelors degree.

How the Program Works:

While you are enrolled at one of the participating colleges, you may enroll in one class at Heidelberg each semester for a maximum of four semesters prior to transfer. Heidelberg University will charge you the same tuition rate as your community college. You will be responsible for any additional lab fees and books.

Program Benefits while you are Dually Enrolled

  • May enroll in one course per semester at Heidelberg while you are enrolled at your participating college (maximum of four semesters)
  • Pay the same tuition rate at Heidelberg that you pay at your participating college
  • Academic advising at both Heidelberg and your participating college
  • Student ID's at both schools will provide you with access to services
  • Notification of Heidelberg's and your college's campus events
  • You may participate in extracurricular activities at Heidelberg that will broaden your academic experience (athletic teams are not included)
  • All general education and other non-remedial courses in which you receive a grade of "C-" or better will transfer and be applied toward fulfilling degree requirements at Heidelberg University
  • Courses you complete at Heidelberg may be applied toward your Associates Degree

Financial Aid Benefits Upon Transfer to Heidelberg